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Qualcomm Wireless Licensed to Brusa

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Qualcomm Halo & Brusa’s One-Box ‘Frame’ Inductive Charging:
‘Wireless Charging Will Win, It Will Give E-Mobility a Big Boost’

San Diego-based Qualcomm reports a license agreement with Switzerland’s Brusa Elektronik for wireless electric vehicle charging. Brusa, an automotive Tier 1 power electronics supplier, has licensed patented Qualcomm Halo inventions to help commercialize its WEVC systems for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, Qualcomm says.

The message is simple.

The message is simple.

“Automobile manufacturers around the world have spotted the huge potential of wireless charging,” states the Qualcomm release: “It is user friendly.” Advocates thus see the convenience of WEVC as an enabler for the entire EV sector.

“Wireless charging will win, it will give e-mobility a big boost, it will set new, sustainable technology apart from old gasoline-based technology,” Brusa Elektronik CEO Josef Brusa says in Qualcomm’s license announcement.

‘Firm Plans’ by OEMs

“We are determined to make wireless charging a reality,” Brusa said. “We already offer technically sound and commercially viable systems.”

Qualcomm Halo envisions parking spaces fitted with inductive charging equipment capable of charging an EV wirelessly.

Qualcomm Halo envisions parking spaces fitted with inductive charging equipment capable of charging an EV wirelessly.

Qualcomm says that Brusa is working on WEVC “with several leading automakers with firm plans to introduce wireless charging in their automobiles in the near future.”


Qualcomm cites Brusa’s ICS/inductive charging system as “pioneering technology” to transfer power to vehicles safely and at high efficiency, eliminating the need for charging cables currently required by EVs. Brusa has developed a proprietary coil geometry technology dubbed “Frame,” Qualcomm says: “The coil is rectangular and enables inductive charging of electric vehicles with the integration of power electronics both in the vehicle and in the base plate enabling a one-box system.”

The agreement with Brusa “expands and diversifies the Qualcomm Halo supplier network, giving automobile manufacturers another trusted source of our advanced inventions,” Qualcomm VP and general manager for WEVC Steve Pazol says in his company’s announcement.


“Qualcomm Halo licensees can bring to market highly efficient, fit-for-purpose, WEVC systems, which allow convenient charging and improve the EV driver’s user experience,” Pazol said.

“We believe access to Qualcomm Halo technology is important to building WEVC systems that meet the needs of automotive OEMs and their end-customers.”

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Source: Qualcomm Incorporated with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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