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ClipperCreek’s New EV Charger, Pedestal

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New 24-Amp Unit and a Low-Cost Pedestal for Easier Installations,
Separately, Emotorwerks Is Using HCS-40 Charger for Connectivity

ClipperCreek is promoting a new 24-amp, Level 2 electric vehicle charger, and an economical pedestal designed to make it easier to install both high- and lower-power units.

No wall handy? ClipperCreek suggests a pedestal, starting at just $434.

No wall handy? ClipperCreek suggests a pedestal, starting at just $434.

Separately, San Francisco-based Emotorwerks is integrating a connectivity module with ClipperCreek’s workhorse 32-amp HCS-40 unit, making it compatible with the company’s “JuiceNet” platform for smart-grid EV charging.

ClipperCreek’s 24-amp HCS-30 is a 240-volt unit able to charge most EVs in about four hours. It’s designed for the residential and workplace charging markets.

30 Amps for Cheaper Installations

“As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, the demand for Level 2 charging stations for home use is growing,” ClipperCreek president Jason France said in a release. “EV owners want faster charging, but don’t necessarily want to upgrade their electrical service panel. This 24 Amp model allows more people to use their existing infrastructure, making the installation much more affordable.”

ClipperCreek's new 24-amp HCS-30 EV charger

ClipperCreek’s new 24-amp HCS-30 EV charger

“The HCS-30 provides the maximum charging power available through a standard 30-amp circuit,” adds sales manager Will Barrett.

The HCS-30 incudes three-year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 station enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and 25 feet of charge cable. It is priced at just $565.

Versatile Pedestal for Cheaper Installations

ClipperCreek’s new ProMountDuo pedestal includes single or dual Level 1 or Level 2 electric vehicle charging station mounting options, making it possible to charge two vehicles from one post.

“At $434, it is the most affordable pedestal mounting solution on the market,” ClipperCreek says. “It can be paired with a ClipperCreek ACS-15, ACS-20 or LCS-20 for $813; the ACS-25 or LCS-25 for $903; and the popular HCS-40 for just $999.”

“Businesses can leverage the ProMountDuo to maximize their charging station infrastructure budget,” said Barrett. Customers can opt for “a mix of lower and higher power charging stations to match vehicle needs and maximize the number of charging spaces available while staying within their electrical infrastructure limitations.”

Ready for V2G/Vehicle-to-Grid

Emotorwerks says that its JuiceNet module converts traditional EV chargers “into connected, smart-grid EV charging appliances which are controlled via a cloud-based, self-learning software platform.

Emotorwerks 'JuiceBox' charger and smart-grid control app

Emotorwerks ‘JuiceBox’ charger and smart-grid control app

“Initially,” the company says, it will integrate JuiceNet capabilities into ClipperCreek’s flagship 32-amp HCS-40 and HCS-40P units. “JuiceNet communication, revenue-grade telemetry, and control hardware, combined with a cloud software layer and smartphone/web front-ends, will provide greater control and convenience to customers,” the company says.

Emotorwerks aims via its JuiceNet equipment and protocols to maximize EV charging efficiency and speed while providing vehicles owners with “intuitive control and visibility.”

“JuiceNet is also fully smart grid-enabled,” the company says. “By shifting when and how much electricity JuiceNet-enabled stations draw from the grid, Emotorwerks helps utilities and grid operators reduce electricity costs, ease grid congestion, absorb excess solar and wind power, and provide rapid response to unforeseen grid events.”

ClipperCreek introduced its own a smart-grid connected charger, the CS-40-SG2, last year.

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Source: ClipperCreek & Emotorwerks with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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