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ZEPS Buses by CCW: Coast-to-Coast

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Five Battery Buses Ordered by TransIT Services in Maryland
As California’s GTrans Considers Switch to All-Electric Transit

Complete Coach Works is gaining traction with its 100% battery electric Zero Emission Propulsion System transit buses, reporting an order for five of the vehicles for TransIT Services of Frederick County, Md., and noting that deliveries to GTrans in Gardena, Calif. have commenced.

Complete Coach Works ZEPS bus for Gtrans in Gardena, Calif.

Complete Coach Works ZEPS bus for Gtrans in Gardena, Calif.

ZEPS buses are built on older chassis via the installation of an all-battery driveline for tailpipe emissions-free operation. CCW specializes in transit bus refurbishment, stating that it’s the “largest U.S. bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company.”

CCW thus extends the life of older vehicles with new interiors and key mechanical components. ZEPS installations are generally performed at the same time.

‘Largest Purchase of Electric Buses in the Northeast’

The first battery bus for TransIT Services in Maryland is expected to be delivered in February, CCW says, “with the other four following closely behind in the proceeding months.”

One of 21 CCW-remanufactured ZEPS buses for IndyGo in Indiana (F&F, December 8, 2014)

One of 21 CCW-remanufactured ZEPS buses for IndyGo in Indiana (F&F, December 8, 2014)

“This is the largest purchase of electric buses in the Northeast area by a transit property,” CCW project manager Jim Raber said in a release.

The cost of the five ZEPS buses and charging stations is being covered by a combination of FTA/Federal Transit Administration, MTA/ Transit Administration and local grant funding, explains TransIT Services director Nancy Norris.

Ready for More

“A Maryland Energy Administration grant is providing the local match for one bus and also helping with the cost of installing ten charging stations at the transit agency’s yard,” Norris says in the CCW announcement, noting that the construction project will include laying conduit for future construction of 10 more charging stations.

“In addition, TransIT has a contract with CCW to purchase up to four more ZEPS buses a year over the next four years,” she said.

Savings of $2.3 Million Expected

“Each of the ZEPS buses is expected to save the agency $464,000 in maintenance and fuel costs over its 12-year lifespan,” Norris said. “For five buses, the savings equates to over $2.3 million dollars over the lifetime of the buses.”

CCW does it all.

CCW does it all.

Norris said too that she selected CCW because the company rebuilds older buses and keeps them “out of the landfill,” she said. “And the cost is about 40% less than the cost of new buses. If you can recycle something, repurpose it and save money, why not?”

Gtrans in Gardena (Los Angeles) is taking advantage of California Energy Commission funding to deploy and study five ZEPS buses in disadvantaged areas. The agency is considering a switch to 100% electric power Gardena (F&F, October 20).

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Source: Complete Coach Works with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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