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Motiv Battery Trucks for AmeriPride

February 16, 2016 in Electric Drive, EVs, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

First of Ten F59-Chassis Vans Delivered for Fleet in Vernon, Calif.

Motiv Power Systems is celebrating a decision by AmeriPride Services to replace a fifth of its fleet in Vernon Calif. with Motiv’s 100% battery electric trucks. The first of ten vehicles built on Ford F59 chassis was delivered in November.

AmeriPride has taken delivery of the first of ten F59-chassis, 100% battery electric vehicles by Motiv Power Systems for its fleet in Vernon, Calif.

AmeriPride has taken delivery of the first of ten F59-chassis, 100% battery electric vehicles by Motiv Power Systems for its fleet in Vernon, Calif.

“Installed by Morgan Olson on a Ford F59 Chassis, the walk-in step vans are the first Motiv-powered vehicles installed on a previously used body, Motiv says.

“As one of the biggest operators in our industry, we are setting the standard for clean operations and continue to make improvements to our delivery operations and invest resources to test and help advance new green technologies,” AmeriPride president and CEO Bill Evans says in a Motiv release.

80-Mile Range

The battery electric delivery vehicles can handle grades of up to 20% and can travel 80 miles on a single charge, Motiv says. They can take a 50% battery charge in two and a half hours.

“The F59 chassis from Ford is incredibly versatile and we’re excited to demonstrate an all-electric option,” Motiv CEO Jim Castelaz says in his company’s announcement. “It provides a good example to the regional delivery services community that there are real things a company can do to improve regional air quality and reduce fuel costs,” he said.

E450 and Crane COE2 Available Too

In addition to the F59, Motiv has upfit packages available for the Ford E450 and Crane Carrier COE2 Class 8 chassis. Configurations include all the components required to transform a chassis to zero-emission all-electric drive, “and are professionally installed to OEM standards at the time of the vehicle’s manufacture.”

AmeriPride chose the Vernon market for this pilot based on route density and infrastructure, financial incentives and the region’s poor air quality, Motiv says, noting that the purchase of the ten all-electric walk-in vans was made possible through a grant from the California Energy Commission.

‘Running Great’

“Our first truck has been running daily routes since it was delivered in November and has been running great, with zero service incidents or calls needed,” said AmeriPride Vernon branch GM Annette Casemero.

“Adding electric vehicles to our fleet complements our expanding alternative fuel program and we look forward to adding additional electric vehicles to our fleet in the coming year,” she said.

Other initiatives the company is implementing at Vernon and elsewhere include propane autogas (in Kansas; F&F, March 6, 2015), CNG/compressed natural gas, and hybrid vehicles. AmeriPride is also making use of trailer skirting and double-decker semi trailers, fuel efficient sedans for the service team, and telematics technology and route optimization software to reduce mileage and increase efficiency.

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Source: Motiv Power Systems with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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