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Proterra Battery Extends Bus Range

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New Battery Pack Analogous to Prior New Bus Design

Proterra is talking up a new battery pack for its Catalyst XR (extended range) all-electric buses, stating that its design boosts energy storage capability by 28%, bringing the nominal single-charge range of a 40-foot vehicle to 194 miles.

Proterra’s new battery pack holds 28% more energy and boosts the nominal single-charge range of its 40-foor Catalyst XR bus to 194 miles.

Proterra’s new battery pack holds 28% more energy and boosts the nominal single-charge range of its 40-foor Catalyst XR bus to 194 miles.

The redesign of the battery pack corresponds with Proterra’s earlier resign of its lightweight battery bus chassis (F&F, September 12, 2014), says sales VP Matt Horton.

“By increasing the battery’s energy density, the team was able to utilize the Catalyst vehicle’s purpose-built design and maintain its light weight,” Proterra CTO Gary Horvat, said in today announcement. “The improved Catalyst XR marks another step toward Proterra’s goal of providing a high-performance bus that can serve any transit route in the United States.”

‘A Complete Replacement of Fossil-Fueled Transit’

“Our goal is to enable a complete replacement of fossil-fueled transit vehicles,” said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple.

“By steadily improving the range and charging capability of our purpose-built EV transit vehicles, we’re broadening the market for EV transit very quickly, enabling more cities and more routes to go zero emission sooner,” he said.

First iterations of the new, 330-kilowatt-hour pack will use lithium NMC cells from LG Chem, Horton told F&F, with other vendors expected for later.

Foothill to Be First

The first Catalyst XR vehicles are to go enter service with Foothill Transit this summer, Horton says. All pending XR orders will be upgraded to the higher energy level.

The company is also promoting its new Proterra EV Simulator to provide fleet managers “with customized, system-level information on electric bus deployment.

A New Transit EV Simulator, Too

“Designed to visualize mass transit networks and to assess the cost savings, performance improvements and environmental benefits of battery-electric transport, the Proterra EV Simulator generates a side-by-side comparison of Proterra’s transit solutions with diesel, CNG and hybrid technologies on specified transit routes within a chosen public transit system,” the company said today.

The new simulator is being unveiled tomorrow at the APTA/American Public Transportation Association’s Bus and Paratransit meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

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Source: Proterra with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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