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AVTA Picks Wave for High-Power WEVC

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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging for Transit Bus Fleet

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority board has selected high-power wireless electric vehicle charging equipment from Utah’s Wave to help charge its new fleet of 100% battery-electric buses. The target is 250 kilowatts, AVTA says. updated June 7

High-power WEVC gear from Utah's Wave will help keep AVTA's new fleet of all-electric BYD buses on schedule.

High-power WEVC gear from Utah’s Wave will help keep AVTA’s new fleet of all-electric BYD buses on schedule.

Wave stands for Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification.

AVTA floated a solicitation earlier this spring seeking inductive WEVC equipment – up to 250 kilowatts – to support the fleet transition (F&F, April 25).

‘Embedded Directly and Discretely’

The AVTA board earlier this year approved a plan to deploy 85 battery buses from BYD, which has established a production facility in Lancaster, Calif. (F&F, February 12).

“Embedded directly and discretely into the roadway, Wave systems provide en-route charging to AVTA’s battery electric buses, extending their range and allowing them to completely master the Antelope Valley’s challenging high desert environment,” AVTA said today.

“This is yet another important step in AVTA’s transformational push to go completely zero-emission by 2018,” AVTA board chair Marvin Crist said in a release.

‘Strengthens the Infrastructural Foundations’

“The acquisition of these chargers strengthens the infrastructural foundations that will allow our zero emission fleet to seamlessly complete any route within AVTA’s jurisdiction,” he said. “The model that we are building will form a blueprint that any transit agency looking to go completely zero-emission can follow.”

'Wireless charging is completely silent, reliable, and creates zero emissions, says Utah's Wave.

‘Wireless charging is completely silent, reliable, and creates zero emissions,’ says Utah’s Wave.

Utah-based Wave is to install systems beginning this year and throughout 2017. The WEVC equipment will allow AVTA’s electric buses to charge during layovers as passengers board and disembark.

Wave Is Already Working for AVTA

“This ‘top-off’ charge capability significantly extends the range of AVTA’s electric bus fleet, completely eliminating any range anxiety associated with electric buses,” AVTA says.

The new systems will supplement the Wave chargers that are currently being installed at Lancaster City Park and at the Palmdale Transportation Center (F&F, March 11).

“Wave’s wireless power transfer technology is the world’s most powerful and efficient single pad wireless charging system ever deployed for mass transit,” AVTA says.

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Source: AVTA with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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