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Motiv Electric Drive on New Platforms

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CTEC and Rockport Can Handle the Motiv All-Electric Powertrain:
Santa Ana Puts a Motiv-Drive E-450 Work Truck Through Its Paces

California Truck Equipment and Indiana’s Rockport Commercial Vehicles are now offering 100% battery-electric versions of their maintenance work trucks and box trucks using drivelines from Motiv Power Systems, Motiv says.

Motiv’s new demo truck has a body by Rockport Commercial Vehicles.

Motiv’s new demo truck has a body by Rockport Commercial Vehicles.

The two are joining Morgan Olson, TransTech Bus, and Cumberland Service Center as vehicle builders employing the Motiv drive, the developer says, adding, “Zero-emission vehicles equipped with Motiv all-electric powertrains have shown a reduction of total operating costs by up to 87% compared to diesel trucks.”

A CTEC work truck is now being tested by the City of Santa Ana, Calif.

Both vehicles are based on the Ford E-450 chassis.

‘We Look Forward to Building More’

“The Motiv-powered work truck looks and functions just like its gasoline counterpart, making it simple for our customers to fit them into their existing fleets, CTEC president Rick Anderson says in the Motiv announcement. “The maintenance truck for the City of Santa Ana has proved to be very reliable, and we look forward to building more.”

Single-charge range has proven to be from 40 to 50 miles, says Chris Laugenour of the city’s public works department. Motiv, he told F&F, has been “extremely good to work with.”

‘A First-Hand Experience’

The first Rockport all-electric box truck “will allow fleet operators located in and visiting the San Francisco Bay Area to gain a first-hand experience of what it’s like to drive a state-of-the-art all-electric vehicle,” Motiv says, promising to “make the box truck available for test drives through demonstrations and short-term leases to support fleets in making the decision to add electric vehicles.”

The City of Santa Ana is testing a CTEC work truck with all-electric drive by Motiv Power Systems.

The City of Santa Ana is testing a CTEC work truck with all-electric drive by Motiv Power Systems.

The two trucks have similar specifications, Motiv adds: 1,200 newton-meters torque, a top speed of 60 miles per hour, and a GVWR of 14,500 pounds. The CTEC maintenance truck has a payload capacity of 7,890 pounds while the Rockwell box truck can haul 7,600 pounds.

Ford F59 and Crane Carrier COE2 Class 8 Chassis Too

Standard onboard equipment can charge the vehicles up to 50% within two hours with a full charge in about eight hours, “without the need to install costly charging equipment at the fleet depot.”

Motiv also offers higher-power upfit packages for the Ford F59 and Crane Carrier COE2 class 8 chassis. “Like the E-450 all-electric powertrain, these configurations include batteries, electric motors, universal charging compatibility, and electric power for hydraulics, heating and air conditioning units, plus brackets and cables – all of the components needed to transform a chassis from fossil-fuel-powered to zero-emission all-electric drive.’

Motiv is meanwhile planning a July grand opening for its new 17,000-square-foot headquarters south of San Francisco.

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Source: Motiv Power Systems with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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