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ChargePoint Boasts 30,000 Charge Points

August 30, 2016 in Companies, EVs, EVSE, Infrastructure, milestones by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘Mission Is to Get Everyone Behind the Wheel of an EV’

ChargePoint is celebrating the installation of its 30,000th electric vehicle charging station. The company says it’s powered 407 million gasoline-free miles for more than 450,000 EVs on U.S. roads. updated August 31

ChargePoint now has 30,000 electric vehicle charging points nationwide.

ChargePoint now has 30,000 electric vehicle charging points nationwide.

ChargePoint says it’s “building the infrastructure for the future of transportation and changing the way drivers think about refueling by allowing EV drivers to charge at home, at work, around town and out of town… A strong and growing charging infrastructure will be essential as EV sales increase to an expected 25% of the market by 2025.”

ChargePoint notes too that its network now outnumbers the number of Starbucks outlets by nearly three to one, and that the 30,000 EV charger milestone comes as the number of gasoline stations continues to decline in the U.S. – latest estimates place the total at between 90,000 and 130,000, says a ChargePoint spokeswoman, citing the 2015 NACS Retail Fuels Report and the Gasoline & Automotive Services Dealers of America.

Range Anxiety? How About ‘Gas Anxiety?’

“ChargePoint’s mission is to get everyone behind the wheel of an EV,” ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano says in yesterday’s milestone announcement.

“We’ve been busy building the network that’s necessary for EVs to become mainstream,” he said. “As the demand for EV charging continues to surge, charging infrastructure expands and gas stations disappear, it won’t be long before drivers start suffering from ‘gas anxiety,’ not range anxiety.

“As the largest charging network, we are enabling the EV revolution and changing the experience of refueling.”

ChargePoint Stations Are Independently Owned

ChargePoint notes that it doesn’t own the stations on its network: “Stations are independently owned and operated by businesses that want to attract and engage employees and customers who drive EVs.

“ChargePoint builds and supports the charging stations, and provides mobile apps, analytics and software that let owners easily manage EV charging and help drivers find convenient stations, see station availability and track all charging.”

The 30,000th spot is at the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga. It was installed by CARTA, the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority, with CBL Properties.

Hamilton Place Mall in Tennessee

Hamilton Place Mall in Tennessee

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Source: ChargePoint with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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