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Phihong Offers Portable EV Charger

August 4, 2016 in EVs, EVSE, New Products by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Ten-Kilowatt Unit Designed for Roadside EV Assistance

Taiwan-headquartered Phihong is promoting a new 10-kilowatt portable DC charger for roadside assistance for electric vehicles. The unit is mounted on four wheels for easy portability, and can provide 35 kilowatts of backup AC power.

A Phihong portable charger for roadside EV assistance.

Phihong portable charger for roadside EV assistance.

The new charger has a 6.3-kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery pack for electrical energy storage.

Phihong’s new chargers feature user-friendly, 10.4-inch LCD touch screens that display charging voltage, charging current, and the battery management system’s state of charge. They have tactile start, stop, and emergency stop push-buttons, and intelligent RFID card readers for enhanced security.

Phihong’s new EV chargers feature a user-friendly LCD touch screen display.

Phihong’s new EV chargers feature a user-friendly LCD touch screen display.

‘Convenient and Efficient Power Products’

The 10-kilowatt chargers also feature input/output over-current, over-voltage, and under-voltage protections, in addition to short circuit and surge/lightning protections.

Phihong supports “international environmental protection and carbon reduction efforts through the development of convenient and efficient power products,” Phihong USA marketing VP Keith Hopwood says in the charger announcement.

Phihong USA, based in Fremont, Calif., offers a complete line of AC and DC EVSE/electric vehicle supply equipment for charging electric vehicles ranging from bikes and scooters to passenger buses. In addition to Taiwan, Phihong has design labs, manufacturing facilities, and sales support centers in California, New York, The Netherlands, Shanghai, and Japan.

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Source: Phihong with Fleets & Fuels follow-up



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