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200 More Workhorse E-Gen Vans for UPS

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Follow-On Order Is a First for the Industry, Says CEO

UPS has confirmed that the order for 200 E-Gen vans reported by Workhorse last month is indeed for UPS, stating that, “Equipped with lithium ion batteries and a range-extender engine, these trucks will deliver significant fuel economy equivalency gains, approximately four times the fuel economy of a gasoline powered vehicle.”

At work for UPS at the Workhorse facility in Union City, Indiana

At work for UPS at the Workhorse facility in Union City, Indiana

“The vehicles have the same 2-cylinder engine and E-Gen chassis as the 125 vehicles UPS announced earlier this year,” UPS said.

“This order is bigger and it’s a follow-through,” Workhorse Group CEO Steve Burns. The few previous triple-digit orders for electric delivery trucks have not resulted in subsequent orders, he told F&F.

Now Nearly 345, Just for UPS

The UPS order for 125 Workhorse E-Gen range-extended electric vehicles was announced last year (F&F, September 9, 2015). Workhorse has also supplied 18 all-battery vans for UPS in the Houston area.

Separately, Workhorse this week reported a multi-year supply agreement with BMW for the gasoline-fueled range extender engine now used on the E-Gen vehicles.

‘Tremendous Benefits’ with BMW Engine

“The REx solution adds tremendous benefits to our E-Gen vehicle and to our customers,” Burns said in a release.

“Signing this supply agreement with BMW further strengthens our commitment to our customers’ fuel efficiencies, maintenance savings, and sustainability initiatives while continuing to eliminate range anxiety often found with battery-electric vehicles,” he said.

ACT Expo Debut

Workhorse showed the E-Gen chassis with the 647cc BMW range extender for the first time at ACT Expo 2016 this past spring (F&F, May 9). The engine is designated W20, or according to one report, W20K06U0.

Workhorse E-Gen chassis on display at ACT Expo 2016

Workhorse E-Gen chassis on display at ACT Expo 2016

The trucks for UPS have 60-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery packs using cells from Panasonic, Burns says, affording about 60 miles of all-electric range.

TM4 and Telematics

“We try to right-size it,” he says. “Sixty miles is a common distance to go.”

The vehicles have traction motors from Canada’s TM4, and Morgan Olson bodies. the trucks are assembled using Workhorse chairs at the Workhorse plant in Union City, Ind.

Also according to the UPS announcement, “A cloud-based, real time telematics performance monitoring system provides feedback for energy monitoring and route efficiency.” The Workhorse trucks will be deployed beginning in January 2017 in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, “and possibly in other states as well.”


“The improvements in these new package cars came from real-world experience in our alternative fuel Rolling Laboratory, which earlier this year hit a 1 billion miles driven milestone,” said UPS senior VP for global engineering and sustainability Mark Wallace.

“We are committed to developing alternative fuel vehicles that lessen our impact on the environment and reliance on petroleum based fuels – that effort is helping to transform markets and communities.”

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Source: UPS and Workhorse with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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