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Cal Floats ZEV Plan and Utilities Step Up

January 24, 2017 in EVs, utilities by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Vehicles, Cap-and-Trade Are Key as California Air Resources Board
Floats Aggressive Plan to Slash GHG Emissions by 40% Below 1990’s
By 2030 – ‘the Most Ambitious Target in North America,’ Agency Says

Utilities were quick to get onboard last week as the California Air Resources Board released its proposed plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 – “the most ambitious target in North America.”

San Francisco-based Pacific Gas & Electric is a longtime proponent of fleet electrification. A PG&E plug-in hybrid electric bucket truck by Efficient Drivetrains Inc. was displayed at the White House on November 18, 2014.

San Francisco-based Pacific Gas & Electric is a longtime proponent of fleet electrification. A PG&E plug-in hybrid electric bucket truck by Efficient Drivetrains Inc. was displayed at the White House on November 18, 2014.

CARB singles out “cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars and zero emission vehicles” as its first priority, followed by low-carbon fuels.

The California Electric Transportation Coalition followed up CARB’s release of the Proposed 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan Update with a precis of utility actions. According to a CalETC summary based on filings with CPUC, the California Public Utilities Commission,

  • Pacific Gas & Electric is requesting a total budget of approximately $253 million to expand the electrification of fleets with medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and respond to consumer demand for fast-charging stations. PG&E also wants to “explore new uses for vehicle electrification through five one-year projects.”
  • San Diego Gas & Electric is proposing to install tens of thousands of EV charging stations in new, key areas to help accelerate the transition to electric transportation. If approved, charging stations would be installed at the San Diego International Airport, at the local port, for delivery fleets, for taxis/ridesharing, at park-and-rides, and at 90,000 residences in an effort to reduce air pollution. The SDG&E proposal also includes a special rate that incentivizes EV owners to charge their cars at times of day when clean energy is plentiful and energy prices are low, Cal ETC says.
  • Southern California Edison is proposing a innovative programs for passenger vehicle adoption, and wants to install charging infrastructure for heavy commercial and industrial vehicles at ports, warehouses, and along its freeways. SCE is emphasizing “a particular focus on disadvantaged communities, often located along transportation corridors, that are disproportionately affected by pollution and economic hardship.”

Utility Commitment ‘Is Essential’

“California’s three investor-owned utilities are committed to electric vehicles and the environmental and economic benefits of shifting to electricity as a transportation fuel,” said CalETC executive director Eileen Wenger Tutt. “This commitment is essential to the state’s efforts to protect public health and economic prosperity.”

“Climate change is impacting California now, and we need to continue to take bold and effective action to address it head on to protect and improve the quality of life in California,” said CARB chair Mary Nichols said in her agency’s Scoping Plan announcement.

CARB's Mary Nichols

CARB’s Mary Nichols

‘Creative Innovation’

“The plan will help us meet both our climate and our clean air goals in the coming decades and provide billions of dollars in investments to cut greenhouse gases, smog and toxic pollution in disadvantaged communities throughout the state,” Nichols said. “It is also designed to continue to drive creative innovation, generating good new jobs in the growing clean technology sector.”

The first of three public hearings on CARB’s proposed 2017 Scoping Plan Update will take place at the agency’s regularly scheduled board meeting on January 27. CARB is planning February workshops too and will hear an update at the February 16 Board meeting.

Comments Welcome

The final 2017 Scoping Plan Update will be released in late March and be considered for approval by the Board in late April, the agency says.

Click here for the full text of The 2017 Scoping Plan Update: The Proposed Plan for Achieving California’s 2030 Greenhouse Gas Target.

Stakeholders and the public are encouraged to submit comments on the plan until March 6.

Source: CARB and CalETC with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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