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BAE-Gillig e-Buses for Walnut Creek

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Four Buses for Town in Suburbs of San Francisco:
‘First Zero-Emission Transit Solution for the Area’

Four 100% battery electric buses with drivelines by BAE Systems for Walnut Creek, in Contra Costa County east of San Francisco, are the first by vehicle manufacturer Gillig and the “first zero-emission transit solution for the area,” according to a BAE blog post.

All-battery buses for Contra Costa-Walnut Creek are a first for Gillig and for the region, says driveline suppier BAE Systems.

All-battery buses for Contra Costa-Walnut Creek are a first for Gillig and for the region, says driveline suppier BAE Systems.

“The all-electric buses were secured through funding from a Federal Transit Administration 2012 Clean Fuels grant as well as local matching funds,” BAE says, noting that they were introduced at a ribbon-cutting event early this past November.

Working with Gillig, “We were able to develop and deliver a highly capable and reliable all-electric bus,” BAE says. “Our solution, Series-EV, uses the same components as our high-performance Series-E hybrid-electric system, which powers thousands of buses all around the world.”

Larger Batteries

“The primary difference between our traditional hybrid-electric system and the battery-electric system is the elimination of the internal combustion engine and the addition of larger batteries, which store more energy and provide the desired range,” Bob Devine says in the BAE post (he is Advanced Applications director for BAE’s power and propulsion solutions unit).

“Like traditional hybrid buses that use our system, the electric bus takes advantage of regenerative braking and electric accessories, making the bus even more efficient,” he said.

‘More Efficient Transportation’

BAE noted that its has 7,000 hybrid systems in worldwide service. “Each year our systems transport one billion passengers, saving 15 million gallons of fuel while eliminating 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere,” states the blog post.

“We continue to develop more efficient transportation solutions such as all-electric vehicle systems, as well as hybrid solutions for heavy-duty trucks and marine applications.”

Rick Ramacier is general manager for Contra Costa’s County Connection transit agency.

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Source: BAE Systems with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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