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Wave WEVC for AVTA Gets UL Field Nod

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High-Power Wireless Charging for AVTA’s BYD Buses

Salt-Lake City-based Wave reports UL/Underwriters Laboratories field evaluation certification of its 50-kilowatt unit for Southern California’s Antelope Valley Transit Authority.

Utah’s Wave – Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification – has achieved UL field certification of its 50-kilowatt unit for AVTA, Southern Antelope Valley Transit Authority.

The WEVC/wireless electric vehicle charging technology has been deployed for AVTA deployed at AVTA’s Lancaster City Park and Palmdale Transportation Center location.

Wave stands for Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification.

Wave’s WEVC is being used for the in-route wireless charging of 100% battery-electric transit buses supplied by BYD (F&F, June 16, 2016).

A Standard Was Needed

“Until this time,” states a release, “no official UL standard existed for wireless chargers, making it challenging to build and deliver a completely safe system that operates in public locations.”

Wave says that its charging system employs a charging pad “that lays flush with the pavement, is sturdy enough to be driven on all day without damage, and wirelessly charges the bus during routine stops.

Less Batteries = Less Weight = More Range

“In-route charging means less batteries, reduced vehicle weight, higher passenger capacity, and extended vehicle range,” the company says.

“In-route charging eliminates the range versus capacity tradeoff that remains the primary challenge in electrified transportation,” Wave CEO Michael Masquelier says in the announcement. “We provide maximum efficiency without the eyesore and risks associated with above ground charging equipment.”

Laying the groundwork for a high-voltage future – AVTA preparation for Wave inductive charging at Lancaster City Park (F&F, March 11, 2016).

Wave said too that it’s had a long-term relationship with UL through its participation in SAE International’s J2954 for WEVC, determining that UL field evaluation certification “was the most logical approach” for satisfying local regulators.

UL field evaluations “bridge the gap between uncertified equipment and a standards-based installation,” Wave says, allowing customers “o feel confident that they can safely operate their newly installed equipment and that it meets all required regulations.”

250 Kilowatts to Come

AVTA CEO and GM Len Engel notes in the Wave announcement that the Utah company is “a conscientious partner who is also contracted to deliver 250-kilowatt systems to us starting in 2017.”

His agency has committed to buying as many as 85 battery buses from BYD under a $79 million contract (F&F, March 11, 2016).

All-battery BYD transit bus in AVTA colors

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Source: Wave with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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