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Ford PHEV Vans for Five London Fleets

April 24, 2017 in EVs, Hybrids, Research, Technology by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Five to Get Hybrid Transit Custom Vehicles with Telematics

Ford said today that at least five fleets operating in London will test 20 Transit Custom vans – the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle version – beginning this fall.

At least five UK fleets will participate in a Transport for London-supported trial of a PHEV version of Ford’s Transit Custom vans, the automaker said today.

“The project, supported by Transport for London, features a 12-month pilot of 20 new Ford Transit Custom plug-in hybrid vans that reduce local emissions by running solely on electric power for the majority of inner-city trips,” Ford says.

In addition to Transport for London, the Ford PHEVs will be operated by the Metropolitan police, Clancy Plant, Addison Lee and British Gas. They “represent a cross-section of city-based businesses that will integrate the vans into their day-to-day operations,” Ford says, “including the Metropolitan Police with two Transit Custom plug-in hybrid electric vans: one marked for second response to traffic accidents and one un-marked as a forensic support unit.”

‘A Mobility Company’

“The multi-million dollar project is part of a $4.5 billion Ford investment along with the introduction of 13 new electric vehicles globally in the next five years to give customers greater capability, productivity and performance – plus better fuel economy,” Ford said today.

The vehicles will be fitted with a Ford telematics system to collect data on the PHEVs’ financial, operational and environmental performance

“The plans are part of Ford’s expansion to be an auto and a mobility company, including leading in electric and self-driving vehicles, and new mobility solutions,” Ford says (F&F, April 10).

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Source: Ford with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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