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Orange EV Reports e-Truck Milestones

June 12, 2017 in Electric Drive, EVs, milestones by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Deployed Fleet Has Surpassed 50,000 ‘Key On Hours

Orange EV’s commercially deployed fleet of fully battery-electric T-Series Class 8 terminal trucks surpassed 50,000 “key on” hours and 110,000 miles, the company said last week.

VP Mike Moran of T-Series battery truck operator Moran Transportation (F&F, May 4, 2016) extols Orange EV and its electric vehicles in this Drive Clean Chicago video.

“The hours are accumulating quickly,” states a release, and are “expected to exceed 60,000 hours by mid-June.”

The tally is particularly noteworthy since the company’s terminal trucks (aka hostlers, spotters, yard trucks), Orange EV explains, “operate at lower speeds of typically less than 25 miles per hour within the yards of railroad intermodal facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, waste transfer stations, warehouses and a range of other logistics hubs for container/trailer handling.

Orange EV’s T-Series all-battery terminal trucks

Far Busier Than the Family Car

“Passenger cars used 10 hours per week for commute and errands could take almost 100 years to reach 50,000 hours.”

Orange EV claims that its T-series electric terminal trucks are “the first commercially-deployed Class 8 trucks that are 100% electric.”

Savings of Up to $60,000 Per Year Claimed

“Moderate use sites can save more than $30,000 per truck annually in fuel, maintenance, and emission control related costs,” the company says, while “heavier-use sites can save up to $60,000 per truck per year.”

Orange EV further reports that 75% of fleets have re-ordered within six months of getting their first vehicles, and many are already reference customers. “Operational experience and feedback from Orange EV’s fleet customers have enabled Orange EV to learn and harden its electric truck solution and operating model.”

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Source: Orange EV with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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