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A Billion Bucks for Clean Cal Vehicles

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Lawmakers Aim for ‘a Diesel-Free California by 2030:’
New California Senate Plan Calls for Big Program Boosts
In Cap-and-Trade Money for School Buses and Port Trucks

“A diesel-free California by 2030” is the goal of California lawmakers who called yesterday for nearly $1 billion in cap-and-trade revenues to be used to fund clean vehicle placement and diesel retrofit and replacement projects.

California Senator Dr. Richard Pan with fellow state Senators Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) and Steven Bradford (D- Gardena) at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Tuesday.

Programs including the California Clean Truck and Bus Program, the Carl Moyer Air Quality Standards Attainment Program, and HVIP, the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Program would get big boosts.

Backers include California Democratic Senators Richard Pan, Nancy Skinner, Ricardo Lara, Bob Wieckowski and Steven Bradford. They appeared at the Calstart-organized Clean Truck and Bus Day at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

‘High-Paying, Clean Energy Jobs’

The Senators spoke in front of nine clean energy trucks and buses, among them new all-electric school bus from the Twin Rivers Unified School District, one of 29 zero-emission school buses in the Sacramento area funded by cap-and-trade money (F&F, May 17, 2017).

“Increased funding to replace and/or retrofit diesel-fueled buses and medium and heavy duty commercial trucks would provide high-paying, clean energy jobs in California at such California-located clean bus manufacturers as Complete Coach Works, Proterra, Motiv and BYD,” states the Tuesday announcement.

We Need to Dump Dirty Diesel’

“Diesel trucks and buses are just 3% of vehicles on the road in California, but they produce 23% of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and the majority of air pollution,” said Senator Lara.

“We need to dump dirty diesel trucks and buses for the health of children and the health of our planet,” he said, “and the state of California should invest in helping small operators like the Long Beach port truckers and school districts to make the shift to clean fuels.”

‘All Californians Will Benefit’

“As a pediatrician, I see children with asthma and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases which are caused or exacerbated by exposure from pollutants in the air they breathe,” Senator Pan says in the announcement. “With the deployment of the largest fleet of electric buses in the country by Twin Rivers Unified School District in my Senate district, students will be exposed to fewer pollutants riding to and from school, and we need to increase funding in this clean technology so all Californians will benefit.”

According to one early program summary, the expanded effort would

  • boost Carl Moyer funding for vehicles that beat existing requirements to $350 million from the current $69 million annual cap. “This program funds the retrofit or replacement of heavy-duty vehicle engines, off-road vehicles, locomotives, and portable or stationary agricultural engines, such as those used in agricultural water pumping,” states the summary;
  • allocate $350 million for the California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program, “incentivizing the purchase of zero-emissions trucks, buses, and freight equipment;”
  • allocate $150 million for “light-duty equity pilots” (especially EFMP Plus Up, the (Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program, primarily serving disadvantaged communities, as well as agricultural worker vanpools and car-sharing), “promoting replacement of inefficient and ultra-polluting vehicles with hybrid or zero-emission alternatives, and promoting ridesharing;” and
  • allocate $20 million for-zero emission school buses, as “replacing old, dirty, diesel buses would improve health outcomes for California students.”

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Source: Coalition for Clean Air with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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