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What’s Changed at Chanje? Ryder

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‘A Commercial All-Electric Truck Available at Mass Scale
In the U.S. Market, a First for the Industry,’ Says Company,
Which Now Has Ryder System as Sales and Maintenance Partner

Los Angeles-based Chanje Energy has announced its all-new V8070 as “a commercial all-electric truck available at mass scale in the U.S. market, a first for the industry.” Chanje, born of the defunct Smith Electric Vehicles and the short-lived Nohm, gains credence by partnering via a sales/leasing and maintenance partnership with Ryder System (F&F, August 15).

This item was initially posted on August 11

As co-founding partner, Hong Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles ‘brings immediate scale and OEM expertise in medium-duty EVs,’ Chanje says.

“The future of transportation is zero-emission, we expect commercial electric vehicles to become the norm soon,” Chanje CEO Bryan Hansel says in the Thursday announcement.

Chanje has been co-founded with Hong Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles. Chanje and FDG and other partners “have invested nearly $1 billion… in bringing the medium-duty EV to market,” Chanje says.

‘Previously Unavailable Scale and Price’

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Chanje,” Hansel said. “No one else in the marketplace can meet a fleet customer’s demand for delivery of large numbers of high quality, commercial electric vehicles.”

Hansel also ran Smith EVs and the subsequent start-up Nohm.

Bryan Hansel

“Chanje,” according to yesterday’s release, “is poised to bring meaningful advancements to the medium-duty vehicle segment, providing commercial all electric vehicle (EV) transportation options at a previously unavailable scale and price.”

‘Volume Orders’ for ‘Last Mile’ Vehicle

With single-charge range of 100 miles carrying a 3,000-pound load (maximum payload is 6,000 pounds), the Chanje V8070 commercial panel van is being promoted as a “last mile” urban transportation solution. “The average urban delivery route in the U.S. is 70 miles a day, making last mile delivery a perfect market for electric mobility,” Chanje says.

“This initial medium-duty vehicle already has volume orders and will be delivered later this year. It is the only one of its kind designed from the ground up as an EV and purpose-built to be a long-life truck.”

China’s FDG, Chanje says, “brings immediate scale and OEM expertise in medium-duty EVs.”

FDG Is No Stranger

FDG was the backer as Smith Electric Vehicles re-surfaced at ACT Expo in Dallas two years ago (F&F, May 10, 2015).

FDG was the manufacturing partner for Nohm, which exhibited at ACT Expo 2016 (F&F, April 28, 2016).

Nohm started with a shuttle bus and promised trucks. Chanje is starting with a truck and promising “larger trucks and shuttle buses in a variety of lengths and capacities, all aimed at the urban vehicle segment.”

‘A Much More Specific Service and Sell Strategy’

The key difference? “They needed to have a much more specific service and sell strategy,” says Scott Perry, chief technology and procurement officer for Ryder’s Fleet management solutions division. “We have a very extensive footprint for service,” he told F&F.

With purpose-designed electric vehicles and Ryder for support, “You really have all the ingredients,” that were previously lacking. Perry notes too that while known best for trucks, Ryder also supplies passenger vehicles to fleets at airports and universities. Chanje’s planned expansion from trucks to buses is thus a fit as well. “It’s a very easy step into passenger-designed vehicles,” he says.

Chanje says it’s searching for a U.S. manufacturing site, where it “will create both high-quality long-life electric vehicles at scale and American clean transportation jobs.” The search includes “multiple states near port facilities west of the Mississippi.”

Forte Fleets, ‘a Microgrid Depot Solution’

Chanje pledged too yesterday to “work with large fleet customers to provide renewable energy and charging capabilities as a turnkey service… to support organizations as they transition to energy systems that are secure, stable, local, renewable and efficient.

With 100 miles of all-battery range and 6,000-pound payload, ‘the V8070 is a no compromise solution,’ says Chanje.

“This will be in the form of a microgrid depot solution,” the company says, with an emphasis on renewable energy.

Chanje also named key executives yesterday:

  • president Ian Gardner, previously with BCG/Boston Consulting Group, Duke Energy, and the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator:
  • COO Joerg Sommer, previously with Volkswagen, Daimler, and Renault;
  • VP and general counsel James Chen, previously with Tesla and the U.S. EPA;
  • manufacturing VP Jeff Robinson, previously with Tesla, Ford, Mazda, and General Motors; and
  • energy services VP Suresh Jayanthi, previously with Schneider Electric.

Chanje publicized its new name and battery electric trucks late last week. Ryder said Monday that it’s placed an initial order for the company’s all-electric medium-duty trucks.

“We think we’ve got something that’s going to be well received in the marketplace,” says Ryder’s Perry. “The market will tell.”

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Source: Chanje Energy with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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