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New Flyer Launches Xcelsior Charge eBus

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Available as 35-, 40-, and 60-Foot BRT Articulated Vehicles
As Company Opens New Vehicle Innovation Center in Alabama

New Flyer of America has introduced the Xcelsior Charge as “the next generation of its industry-leading, battery-electric heavy duty transit bus.”

New Flyer is offering several options for charging the new Xcelsior Charge line of all-battery buses.

New Flyer notes that it first revealed its design for a fully battery-electric Xcelsior transit bus in 2011, unveiled a prototype the following year, and delivered the first battery bus in 2014.

The latest iteration, the Xcelsior Charge, is being made available in 35-, 40-, and 60-foot lengths, the last being an articulated vehicle for BRT/bus rapid transit applications.

Siemens Elfa2

New Flyer is using Elfa2 driveline componentry from Siemens, including Siemens permanent magnet motors.

Various battery options are available, up to 600 kilowatt-hours with single-charge range exceeding 200 miles.

The Xcelsior Charge features “extended range battery technology made in America,” electric motors with efficient regenerative energy recovery, the highest torque available for steep grade cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, and charging infrastructure compliant with industry standards.

The 100% battery-electric ‘Xcelsior Charge’ transit bus from New Flyer of America

Various Charging Options

Charging hardware is being made available from Siemens, New Flyer says, as well as from ABB and ChargePoint.

“We’re committed to supporting healthy communities through manufacturing leading zero-emission bus technology in America.” New Flyer of America president Wayne Joseph said in the company’s Xcelsior Charge release.

Anniston VIC Opens

New Flyer said last week that it’s opened a new 30,000-square-foot Vehicle Innovation Center in Anniston, Ala.

“The VIC is North America’s first innovation lab dedicated to the advancement of bus and coach technology that connects people to places, with a focus on the environment and sustainable transportation,” the company says.

Grand Opening of New Flyer of America’s new 30,000-square-foot VIC/Vehicle Innovation Center in Anniston, Ala. Note new ‘Xcelsior Charge’ all-battery bus at far right.

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Source: New Flyer with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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