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Bollinger Adds a 4-Door All-Battery B1

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New Option for the All-Wheel-Drive Battery SUT with
UQM Technologies Drive Powered by Lithium Batteries

New York States-based Bollinger Motors has added a four-door option to the 100% battery-electric B1 four-wheel-drive sport utility truck it unveiled earlier this year. The vehicle has twin traction motors from UQM Technologies.

The Bollinger Motors B1 SUT is now to be available with four doors – and with a new orange exterior finish.

“We always wanted to make a four-door version of the B1,” designer and CEO Robert Bollinger said in a release, crediting assistant designer Ross Compton.

“It’s got great proportions,” Bollinger said, and has “kept its amazing off road capabilities since we only had to stretch the chassis by 9 inches.” The four-door has an overall length of 159 inches and new wheelbase of 114 inches.

‘The Perfect Work Truck’

Bollinger, which was founded in 2014, says its B1 is the world’s first all-electric, on- and off-road sport utility truck. The B1 SUT is “engineered from the ground up with an all-electric powertrain, unique storage options, all-aluminum chassis, adjustable air suspension, and convertible cab panels,” the company says, “the perfect work truck for ranchers, builders, do it your-selfers, or anyone looking for an electric vehicle with unparalleled traction, torque, and ground clearance.

The Bollinger B1 chassis .. note twin UQM traction motors powering the all-wheel-drive battery electric vehicle.

The company currently posits 360 horsepower with 472 foot-pounds of torque from dual front and rear motors on the vehicle, with optional single-charge range of up to 200 miles from a 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack (a standard 60-kilowatt-hour pack provides 120 miles). The Bollinger B1 is to be DC fast charge-compatible with both SAE J1772 and Chademo charge ports.

No Money Down

“This project is a showcase for American ingenuity and a model for clean-energy enterprise and innovation based here in the United States,” the company says.

“We just returned from SEMA [which wrapped up last week in Las Vegas] and there is tremendous interest from fleet vendors such as fire, EMS, police, military (stealth), construction trades, hunting and safari parks, delivery, Park Rangers and Baywatch,” Bollinger spokesman Jeff Holland told F&F via email.

Box Trucks Too?

“We also had a number of inquiries on just producing the ‘skateboard chassis’ for those ‘box truck’ type applications which we’re looking into,” he said.

Interested individuals can reserve a vehicle with no money down via the Bollinger Motors website.

Bollinger Motors is targeting 360 horsepower and an optional single-charge range of up to 200 miles for its B1 sport utiity truck.

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Source: Bollinger Motors with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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