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BYD Claims a Battery Refuse Truck First

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First All-Electric Automated Side Loader Delivered in California

All-battery vehicle manufacturer BYD has claimed a world first with Monday’s delivery of a 100% electric refuse truck in California.

GreenWaste Palo Alto co-COO Frank Weigel and Palo Alto Mayor Greg Scharff with the all-electric the BYD refuse truck delivered to the city this past Monday, November 13.

The vehicle for operator GreenWaste serving the city of Palo Alto is “the first all-electric automated side loader refuse truck in the world,” BYD says.

The truck “will save 72 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year and help us meet Palo Alto’s ambitious goal of an 80% reduction in these emissions by 2030,” Mayor Greg Scharff said in a BYD release.

76 Miles of Range

The BYD electric refuse truck uses its batteries for propulsion, as well as to power the hydraulic system for the body. It has 76 miles of range, BYD adds, and requires only two to three hours maximum to fully charge.

According to the company announcement, “The truck will operate on a variety of service routes in the community from urban to residential neighborhoods including streets with steep inclines.”

“BYD wants to electrify everything in transportation, and we see great potential for turning over diesel or natural gas refuse truck fleets to zero emission, battery-electric trucks,” said BYD Heavy Industries VP Andy Swanton.

$16,000 Annual Savings

“This battery-electric refuse truck in Palo Alto will save GreenWaste tens of thousands of dollars annually in fuel costs while completely eliminating tailpipe emissions and operating quietly in residential neighborhoods,” Swanton said. “The benefits of operating this truck will be enjoyed by both the city and its residents and will begin to materialize almost immediately upon going into service.”

What’s more, says BYD, GreenWaste and the City of Palo Alto will enjoy savings of more than $16,000 annually due to the truck’s high-efficiency electric motors and controls, as well as less maintenance required for the propulsion systems, fewer fluids to change, less brake wear due to regenerative braking technology, and fewer moving parts overall.

GreenWaste is to monitor and collect data from the electric refuse truck’s routes to determine if additional electric refuse trucks can be purchased in the future to replace its entire diesel truck fleet.

‘Undisputed Leader’

BYD said too this week that it’s “the undisputed leader as North America’s largest electric bus and truck manufacturer, having delivered more than 150 electric buses in the U.S. and Canada to date.”

The firm says it will deliver 70 electric trucks by the end of 2017 to 15 customers in North America, and has orders for more than 140.

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Source: BYD with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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