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TRW for Better Hybrid Braking

February 14, 2013 in Electric Drive, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘Significant Contracts’ for EBC 460 Premium, ‘Multiple Regions’

TRW Automotive reports “significant contracts” in “multiple regions” for its six-piston EBC 460 Premium braking system that helps enable regenerative braking in hybrid electric (including mild hybrid) and battery electric vehicles.

TRW brake manufacturing in Koblenz, Germany

TRW brake manufacturing in Koblenz, Germany

“Advanced electronically controlled and integrated brake systems will fill an important role as vehicles are driven to deliver higher levels of fuel efficiency,” TRW brake engineering VP Josef Pickenhahn said in a release.

“As more powertrains move away from internal combustion engines to direct injection, diesels, hybrids and electrics,” he says, “brake systems will need to be able to deliver brake pressure independent of vacuum from the engine…

TRW's EBC 460 Premum six-piston pump

TRW’s EBC 460 Premum six-piston pump

“Looking to the future, we continue to develop integrated brake apply and control solutions to meet the needs of both hybrid, electric and combustion engines. This will allow vehicle manufacturers to fit the same braking solution across a platform regardless of powertrain selection,” Pickenhahn said.

TRW says that a product dubbed ESC PH, developed as a partial regenerative braking solution, will launch “on multiple platforms and in multiple regions beginning in 2015.”

“Next generation” systems, intended for 2017 model year vehicles, will be demonstrated to vehicle manufacturers during winter vehicle testing, the company says. “This solution will deliver enhanced levels of integration and performance for the vehicles of the future.”

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Source: TRW Automotive with Fleets & Fuels follow-up






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