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The Hybrid Shop Seeks Partners

September 13, 2013 in batteries, Companies, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Virginia-based Battery Conditioning Specialist Is Looking for Dealers

The Hybrid Shop, which promises to improve the performance of hybrid electric vehicles, largely by reconditioning their factory battery packs, is looking for dealers beyond its home area of  Washington, D.C.

The Hybrid Shop at work: note AR&D Generation II conditioning unit.

The Hybrid Shop at work: note AR&D Generation II conditioning unit.

The Gainesville, Va.-based outfit claims proprietary technology, embodied in a battery pack reconditioning unit, it says can restore a pack to new-vehicle efficiency. The technology was developed by Hybrid Shop co-founder Mark Quarto of AR&D, Washington State’s Automotive Research and Design.

The “Generation III Battery Discharger Unit” allows The Hybrid Shop to test, analyze and cycle-condition the factory pack, “without the expense or pollution incurred by replacing the battery as a dealer would.”

“We’re able to test and see how healthy your battery is,” the company says, “and what level of charge it is able to hold, and how quickly it can make use of the stored charge.

TheBodyShopFEATUREDHealth Restored, Get Onboard

“If the battery is operating below maximum efficiency, we are able to cycle the battery and condition the battery cells themselves. This ensures they work in unison, and it returns the battery to full health – meaning you get your high miles per gallon back, as well as a sharper, more responsive vehicle.”

The Hybrid Shop claims it’s in a unique position to capitalize on repair opportunities for hybrid vehicles, which it says is “the fastest growing segment in the history of the automotive industry…

“We as service providers have an opportunity to compete and out-perform the manufacturers and dealerships,” the company says – and it is inviting new franchisees to get in on the action.

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Source: The Hybrid Shop with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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