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Kinetics Hybrid: It Really Can Save Fuel

March 16, 2015 in Electric Drive, event, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

WTS 2015 Challenge with FleetCarma Data Validation

Experienced hybrid vehicle driver took part in a Crosspoint Kinetics challenge at the NTEA Work Truck Show ride-and-drive this month, and demonstrated fuel savings of up to 27% using the Kinetics Hybrid driveline.

Ford F59-chassis van with Morgan Olson body and Crosspoint Kinetics hybrid drive at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Ford F59-chassis van with Morgan Olson body and Crosspoint Kinetics hybrid drive at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The Kinetics Hybrid drive was installed on Ford F59-chassis van with a body by Morgan Olson. Results were validated by FleetCarma.

Morgan Olson is Crosspoint Kinetics’ new commercialization partner for the Kinetics Hybrid drive (F&F, March 6).

Topping 20%

Four drivers took top honors at the Work Truck Show event this month, Crosspoint Kinetics says:

  • Serge Viola from Purolator who achieved an impressive 27% improvement from baseline;
  • Ray Haering of Florida Power & Light with the second-best improvement of 26%; and
  • Keshav Sondhi from Pacific Gas & Electric and Matt Kenny of Peapod, who tied for third place with an improvement of 22% each.

All of the drivers were new to the Kinetics Hybrid system, Crosspoint Kinetics says, and “many topped 20% fuel economy savings.”

The results validated by FleetCarma “demonstrate the substantial fuel savings truly possible with the Kinetics Hybrid,” Crosspoint Kinetics chief technologist Larry Zepp said in a release.

Canada's FleetCarma claims the world's first electri vehicle monitoring system.

Canada’s FleetCarma claims the world’s first electric vehicle monitoring system.

“The performance improvements we saw are even more impressive since the top drivers had never driven a Kinetics Hybrid powered vehicle before. This shows how easy the solution is to learn and operate and how impactful it can be in real-fleet situations, Zepp said.

Which Drive is Best?

FleetCarma is a division of CrossChasm Technologies offering fleet telematics technology and services. The firm specializes in electric vehicle monitoring for fleet operators, utilities, researchers, and strategic integrators. FleetCarma has developed “fleet scenario modeling that ensures fleet operators are maximizing the long-term benefits of their fuel efficiency choices by best matching vehicle options with fleet needs and duty cycle parameters.”

FleetCarma GM Eric Mallia called the Kinetics Hybrid “an exciting option for fleet owners and managers who want to reduce their total cost of ownership with fuel savings and reduced brake wear.”

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Source: Crosspoint Kinetics with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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