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Capstone to Show Walmart Truck

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Concept Vehicle Is a Hybrid Electric with Fuel-Versatile Microturbine

Capstone Turbine Corp will display the hybrid electric tractor from the Peterbilt-based Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck at its annual stockholder meeting in Chatsworth, Calif. on Thursday, August 27.

Walmart's Capstone Microturbine-powered hybrid electric concept truck will be shown at the Capstone shareholder's meeting at Capstone headquarters in Chatsworth, Calif. on Thursday, August 27.

The Capstone microturbine-powered tractor from WAVE, the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience hybrid electric concept truck, will be shown at the Capstone shareholder’s meeting at Capstone headquarters in Chatsworth, Calif. on Thursday, August 27.

The Walmart truck, unveiled last year and displayed at ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas, features a diesel-fueled Capstone C65 microturbine engine.

Capstone notes that its C30 and C65 microturbines can run on virtually any fuel and are well suited for hybrid electric vehicles as a clean and reliable alternative to traditional gas engines.

‘Helping to Propel the Transportation Market’

“From innovative tractor-trailers to industrial work trucks, Capstone microturbines can be used as California Air Resources Board-certified range extenders, acting as onboard battery chargers for increased fuel economy, quieter operations and reduced emissions,” the company says. “With Capstone’s lean premix combustion technology, the microturbine can achieve low emission levels without exhaust after treatment or an impact to product efficiency.”

Capstone says it’s “helping to propel the transportation market with extremely low emissions and increased efficiency through onboard microturbine power.

The Capstone microturbine can

  • eliminate the need for daytime battery charging or swapping;
  • allow plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to connect to the grid at night and charge when electric rates are lowest;
  • make for considerably lower total fuel costs when compared to conventional diesel or natural gas vehicles;
  • dramatically reduce maintenance costs since the microturbine is air-cooled and uses no oil;
  • produce significantly lower NOx emissions with no additional pollution control equipment; and
  • achieve vehicle size, payload and operating range capabilities not found in electric-only vehicles.

The Class 8 Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck “is a bold step in transportation technology development” that serves as “a learning platform” for hybrids, Capstone says. The C65 microturbine runs at an optimal speed, with a battery and electric motor for responsive acceleration and deceleration. Along with the microturbine-hybrid powertrain, the prototype vehicle combines advanced aerodynamics and control, accessory electrification, and such cutting-edge materials as carbon fiber.

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Source: Capstone Turbine with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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