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50 Lightning Hybrids for UPS in Chicago

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FCCC MT-55 Vans with Gasoline Engines
Partially Funded via Drive Clean Chicago

Lightning Hybrids is spreading the word that UPS has deployed the first of 50 delivery vehicles fitted with Lightning’s fuel-saving hydraulic hybrid driveline. The vans for the Chicago area were partially funded via the Drive Clean Chicago program.

UPS is deploying 50 gasoline-fueled MT-55 vans with hydraulic hybrid driveline from Lightning Hybrids in the Chicago area.

UPS is deploying 50 gasoline-fueled MT-55 vans with hydraulic hybrid driveline from Lightning Hybrids in the Chicago area.

Lightning’s hydraulic hybrid drive – or ERS/energy recover system – is a parallel design that recoups braking energy and releases it back for improved acceleration without using batteries. The platform for UPS in Chicago is the MT-55, gasoline-fueled, by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.

“The hybrid systems provide additional torque and reduce engine stress on the vehicles, allowing UPS to use less expensive gasoline engines rather than diesel engines, substantially reducing NOx emissions in the process,” Lightning says.

One- to Two Year ROI

“UPS anticipates an ROI of one to two years on these vehicles.”

Lightning says UPS first its hydraulic drive with a six-month pilot in 2014 “that demonstrated 100% hybrid system uptime and impressed the UPS team with excellent efficiency gains, elegance, and drivability, leading to additional trials, including a trial in the UK, that is currently underway.

“Fuel efficiency gains ranged from 18 to 34% during the pilot.”

“We will show such a compelling ROI from these systems that we expect UPS to adopt our product on a worldwide scale,” Lightning CEO Tim Reeser says in his company’s UPS Chicago announcement.

Prices Down

“This order, along with other larger customer orders has allowed us to reduce our price substantially, further improving ROI, making it viable even in cases without government subsidies,” Reeer said.

Lightning noted too that this past August (F&F, August 2), UPS achieved its goal more than a year early of driving 1 billion miles in its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. UPS extols a “Rolling Laboratory” approach, under which it’s deployed more than 7,200 low-emission vehicles.

In addition to hydraulic hybrids, the UPS fleet includes all-electric, hybrid electric and light-weight fuel-saving composite body vehicles, as well as CNG/compressed natural gas, LNG/liquefied natural gas, RNG/renewable natural gas, and propane autogas.

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Source: Lightning Hybrids with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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