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XL Adds Ambulances to Growing Fleet

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Vehicles for Seattle Are First Emergency XL Hybrids
As Total Deployed Fleet Has Logged 35 Million Miles

XL Hybrids has broken into emergency vehicles with nearly a dozen Ford E450-based ambulances for the City of Seattle – all with the bolt-on XL3 driveline modification that increases fuel efficiency by nearly 25%.

Ford E-450 ambulances for the Seattle Fire Department are taking XL Hybrids into the emergency vehicle sector for the first time.

Ford E-450 ambulances for the Seattle Fire Department are taking XL Hybrids into the emergency vehicle sector for the first time.

The total deployed fleet of XL Hybrids-modified vehicles has now logged more than 35 million miles, says company co-founder and VP Clay Siegert. The firm celebrated 25 million miles at ACT Expo 2016 this past spring (F&F, May 9).

XL has nearly 300 vehicles in service with Coca-Cola while PepsiCo/Frito-Lay has more than 100, Siegert says.

A Total of 500?

XL initially outfitted two Ford E-450 ambulances for the Seattle Fire Department with its fuel-saving XL3 drive, and installed its proprietary “XL Link” cloud-based fleet vehicle connectivity and analytics package to gauge the results.

“The hybrid-electric ambulances have been used over tens of thousands of miles of driving on Seattle’s steeply graded urban streets and in fluctuating temperature,” XL says.

23% Fuel Savings in Seattle

“In just nine months with the hybrid-electric ambulances, the Seattle Fire Department has achieved 23% increase in miles driven per gallon and a 19% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions” – prompting plans by Seattle to go with the XL3 drive on as many as ten new vehicles.

“XL Link provides a great feedback loop,” Siegert says.

XL also last month reported Installation of its XL3 drives and XL Link telematics into fixed-route Ford E-450 shuttles operated by the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority. BRTA is based in Pittsfield, Mass.

A Good Year for XL Hybrids

In other 2016 action, XL reported the placement of

  • Ford F59-chassis service trucks for AmeriPride (F&F, March 1);
  • five ADA-compliant vans for the city of Winston-Salem, N.C. (F&F, June 6);
  • four Chevrolet Express vans for the Chicago area’s Climatemp Service Group (F&F, June 20);
  • 15 additional Ford vans for Maryland’s Montgomery County for a total of 25 (F&F, September 27); and
  • five Ford and GM vans for Maryland’s Prince George’s County (F&F, October 18).

“We’re very happy with our growth,” says Siegert. “Despite the low [gasoline] prices, our business is trending upward and we’re growing.”

The Massachusetts-based company now employs approximately 25 people.

Berkshire Regional Transit Authority shuttle buses

Ford E-450 chassis shuttle buses operated by BRTA, western Massachusetts’ Berkshire Regional Transit Authority

XL says that its charge-sustaining hybrid electric XL3 driveline installations – available via some half dozen professional fleet vehicle upfitters – are “transparent to fleet operations because the hybrid-electric technology requires no fueling infrastructure, no special plugs or extra driver training.

More Makes and Models for 2017

“Compatible with new and existing Class 2 to 6 commercial fleet vehicles, the XL Hybrids system can be installed in just hours. The XL3 system installation leaves the original equipment manufacturer’s powertrain and warranty completely intact.”

XL continues to use water-cooled lithium ion battery packs from Johnson Controls. Motors are from a U.S.-based supplier too, Siegert says.

For 2017, “We’re breaking in with new products and platforms,” Siegert told F&F. “We want to continue to accommodate additional makes and models.”

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Source: XL Hybrids with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


Ford E-450 ambulances for the Seattle Fire Department are taking XL Hybrids into the emergency vehicle sector for the first time.


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