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Lightning Hybrids Opens UK Offices

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Releases Test Results Showing Hydraulic Hybrid Emission Reductions

Loveland, Colo.-based Lightning Hybrids has opened offices near London’s Heathrow Airport to spearhead the firm’s international expansion, which has already seen placement of vehicles in Canada and India.

Lightning engineer Rodney Beardsley put the finishing touches on a hydraulic hybrid system that was shipped to the UK late in April.

Lightning engineer Rodney Beardsley put the finishing touches on a hydraulic hybrid system that was shipped to the UK late in April.

Lightning employs hydraulic pumps and pneumatic pressure to store energy recouped from a regenerative braking system – energy which is then released to boost vehicle acceleration. The result is a hybrid vehicle with no batteries.

“Expansion into the UK is a key strategic goal for Lightning Hybrids because of the high prices of fuel outside North America as well as the greater emphasis on reduction of vehicle emissions to address smog concerns,” Lightning international business managing director Tim Sherwood said in a release.

‘20 to 35% Better Fuel Efficiency’

“Our product will help fleets by providing 20 to 35% better fuel efficiency and 50% or greater reduction in NOx, the primary ingredient of smog,” he said.

Lightning credits an investment from UK-based Castrol innoVentures, Castrol’s venture and innovation arm, as well as from Factor(E), a venture development firm affiliated with Shell Foundation and Colorado State University, for helping with the UK operation. It’s located at the Isosceles Inward Investment Incubator west of London.

'No surprise to us,' says Lightning president and co-founder Tim Reeser.

‘No surprise to us,’ says Lightning president and co-founder Tim Reeser.

Lightning also said earlier this week that trials by SGS Environmental Testing Corp using Orange County Bus and Braunschweig City drive cycles found that the hydraulic hybrid technology “consistently and significantly reduced harmful vehicle emissions, regardless of OEM platform.”


NOx output of a gasoline engine vehicle “was 0.15 grams per mile on the OC Bus drive cycle, with the Lightning Hybrids system installed,” Lightning reported. “This can be compared with the NOX output of a GM diesel engine on the same platform and drive cycle but without the Lightning Hybrids system, which emitted 4.23 grams per mile – making the hybridized gasoline vehicle an astounding 28 times less polluting than the equivalent conventional diesel vehicle.” (emphasis added)

“These results – immediate, material, and consistent emissions reductions – come as no surprise to us,” said Lightning president and co-founder Tim Reeser. “Regardless of platform, engine or fuel types tested, the results tell the same story.”

Lightning says customers can expect up to 35% improvement in fuel economy. The technology also provides longer brake life, enhanced low-end torque and lower maintenance and operational costs.

Fast ROI

A Lightning upfit “will pay for itself through fuel savings within half the life of the vehicle,” Reeser said.

“Not every hybrid technology is capable of these levels of emissions savings, especially in the delivery and transit bus vocational cycles,” said Lightning emissions testing engineer Brian Johnston. “Our hydraulic hybrids provide intense torque (up to 850 foot pounds) acceleration when emissions are at a peak. This allows us to achieve higher reductions in criteria pollutants than battery or ultracapacitor based hybrid designs.”

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Source: Lightning Hybrids with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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