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GNA and F&F Launch New

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The Same Inimitable News Via a New Delivery Platform

Fleet & Fuels, a publication of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) since January, has re-launched as an entirely new web product delivering all of the not-seen-elsewhere, contact-rich clean transportation news readers have come to expect, all via a new, easy-to-access and more timely format.

The Way We Were: the very first issue of Fleets & Fuels — March 28, 1994 — and the last as a PDF, the F&F issue of June 4, 2012. During that span some 440 biweekly issues were published.

Fleets & Fuels continues to provide unmatched business intelligence on advanced technology vehicles and the fuels that drive them: natural gas, propane, biofuels and more for conventional and hybrid electric and hydraulic hybrid vehicles.

“We’re in this business to make it easier for clean transportation professionals to make contacts and do business,” said Fleets & Fuels editor Rich Piellisch, now editorial projects director with GNA. “We deliver timely information, ‘Who is selling what to whom,’ always with contact information for the key players.

‘Short and Sweet, and Here’s the Person to Call’

“I’ve often said, ‘Short and sweet, and here’s the person to call.’ That will continue, but with a new and modern format.

“And, we’ll be delivering the news far more quickly,” Piellisch said.

According to Erik Neandross, CEO of GNA, “We’ve always been impressed by Fleets & Fuels and late last year we had a meeting of the minds on better ways to get the information in Fleets & Fuels to a wider audience.

“We’re excited about the new website launch, and all the synergies between Fleets & Fuels and our own activities, such as ACT Expo, for bringing together the people who are cleaning up the U.S.  transportation sector,” Neandross said.

Fleets & Fuels readers know all about the new format, which took effect this week. New readers are welcome to see for themselves at

About Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA)

GNA is one of the nation’s leading environmental consulting firms specializing in emission reduction, energy and transportation policy, carbon management, and market development for clean, alternative fuel and efficient vehicle technologies. For nearly 20 years, GNA has worked with businesses, governments, and communities to develop strategies and raise awareness about projects and technologies that promote sustainable economies and environments. GNA has successfully secured over $230 million in project funding on behalf of its clients and the multiple clean energy and transportation technology projects on which it has collaborated. For more information, visit

About Fleets & Fuels

Fleets & Fuels has been published in San Francisco from Rich Piellisch and August Pacific Press since March 1994. There had been nearly 430 biweekly issues published when Fleets & Fuels became a GNA publication in January 2012.


Fleets & Fuels, editor Rich Piellisch, 415-896-5988; mobile 415-305-9050; [email protected]

Fleets & Fuels, associate editor Christina Martin, 310-573-8559; [email protected]

Fleets & Fuels, sales, Tony Quist, 310-573-8564; [email protected]


Source: GNA press release


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