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European H2 Road Show Starts Tomorrow

September 12, 2012 in Conference/Meeting, Electric Drive, Hydrogen by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Four OEMs for Seven Fuel Vehicles Visiting Nine Cities

Seven hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles from four OEMs will commence a month-long, nine-city European road tour in Hamburg, Germany on September 13, says Daimler-Mercedes, which is helping spread the word on behalf of Scandinavian organizers.

Daimer-Mercedes sees its F-Cell hydrogen car as a precursor to the all-electric future of transportation.

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota are joining forces “to demonstrate hydrogen-powered FCEVs are not just technologies of the future but of today,” Daimler says.

The European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012 is part of the “H2moves Scandinavia” project, backed by the European Commission and industry stakeholders.

Seven hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from for OEMs will visit nine European cities as part of the month-long European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012, commencing September 13 in Hamburg, Germany.

Organizers are reaching out to politicians, industry leaders, press and public to help improve awareness of FCEVs and emphasize the need for a hydrogen distribution and fueling infrastructure.

Following Hamburg, the vehicles will visit Hannover, Bolzano, Paris, Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon, London and Copenhagen. H2 Logic Denmark will provide mobile fueling in some stopover cities.

“The European Hydrogen Road Tour is a great opportunity for our company and partners to demonstrate the readiness of the technology to European consumers,” Toyota external and environment communications VP Michel Gardel says in the Daimler release. “We are working to commercialize our next-generation fuel cell car by 2015,” he said.

“On our way to zero-emission mobility fuel cell electric vehicles – with their great range while at the same time short refueling times – will play a central role for the future,” said Christian Mohrdieck, fuel cell drive development director for Daimler. “However, the success of this technology depends crucially on certain conditions being in place, such as the availability of a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure.”

The tour represents “the most widespread effort to promote FCEVs in Europe this year,” Daimler says.

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Source: Daimler-Mercedes and various European websites

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