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VW Shows Research Fuel Cell Car

November 21, 2014 in Electric Drive, fuel cells, Hydrogen by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Golf SportWagen HyMotion Reflects Volkswagen’s Hydrogen Strategy:
Place the New Alternative Drivelines in High-Volume Production Vehicles

Volkswagen is staging the world premiere of the Golf SportWagen HyMotion, a hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opens to the public today and runs through November 30.

Volkswagen's strategy for hydrogen is to offer its HyMotion fuel cell drivelines in popular existing vehicle models, like the Golf.

Volkswagen’s strategy for hydrogen is to offer its HyMotion fuel cell drivelines in popular existing vehicle models, like the Golf.

The electric drive is the same as that of the Volkswagen e-Golf.

“Unlike many of its competitors, Volkswagen is following the strategy of placing alternative drivetrains in high-volume production vehicles,” the manufacturer says. “Just like the all-electric e-Golf and the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE, the SportWagen HyMotion shows how fuel cells could be integrated into a well-engineered, usable, and attractively priced vehicle.”

Volkswagen credits MQB, its Modular Transverse Matrix architecture that allows a single platform, starting with the Golf to “ host all conceivable drive types.”

This Fuel Cell Car Comes with a Caution

A Passat-based HyMotion fuel cell car is being field-tested in California, VW says.

For the Golf, one hundred kilowatts of system power (134 horsepower) allows acceleration from zero to 60 mph in ten seconds. The concept car has a high-voltage lithium ion battery to store kinetic energy recovered from regenerative braking. Four carbon composite hydrogen fuel tanks afford a single-fill range stated at 310 miles.

“Before the market launch,” Volkswagen cautions, “a hydrogen infrastructure would have to be created: not only a broad network of hydrogen fuel stations, but also the production of the hydrogen itself.

“Hydrogen only makes sense as a fuel if the primary energy used to produce it comes from renewable sources.”

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Source: Volkswagen of America with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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