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UPS Shows a Class 6 Fuel Cell Chassis

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Vehicle Will Be Tested for Package Delivery in Sacramento

UPS claimed the first-ever hydrogen fuel-cell powered zero-emission Class 6 delivery vehicle at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach, showing a converted 2006 package car with

  • an HyPM-HD30 fuel cell system by Hydrogenics,
  • a highly efficient, 227-kilowatt (304-horsepower) switch-reluctance motor by Nidec,
  • a P40-24 lithium iron magnesium phosphate battery module by Valence Technology, and
  • high-pressure fuel cylinders by Luxfer.

The FCEV/fuel cell electric vehicle prototype is to be deployed in Sacramento, where UPS “will validate its design and core performance requirements by testing it on the street starting the third quarter of 2017.”

Two views of the hydrogen-powered UPS Class 6 vehicle’s chassis as shown at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach flank the HyPM-HD30 fuel cell system by Hydrogenics.

If all goes well, as many as 16 more could be built, says UPS fleet maintenance and engineering director Mike Britt.

5,000 Hours

Current project plans call for additional UPS trucks to be validated with at least 5,000 hours of in-service operational performance. “All of the trucks will be deployed in California due to that state’s ongoing investment in zero tailpipe emission transportation and installment of hydrogen fueling stations around the state,” UPS says.

“The challenge we face with fuel cell technology is to ensure the design can meet the unique operational demands of our delivery vehicles on a commercial scale,” said Mark Wallace, UPS senior VP of global engineering and sustainability.

‘An Essential Step’

“This project is an essential step,” he said, “to test the zero tailpipe emission technology and vehicle on the road for UPS and the transportation industry.

“We have a long history of developing and promoting the use of more sustainable alternative fuels with our Rolling Laboratory, and hope that by bringing our unique expertise to the development of hydrogen fuels, we can help advance the technology.”

The hydrogen-powered FCV for UPS is to be put through its paces in Sacramento, after which 16 more may be built under the DoE-backed, CTE-overseen program.

Program overseer CTE, the Center for Transportation and the Environment, notes that the Class 6 truck project is part of a fuel cell project grant awarded by DoE in 2013 focused on verifying the proof of concept in commercial delivery vehicles.

‘20 More Years Out of This Chassis’

UPS elected to use an old chassis, formerly powered by an International Harvester TD 345 diesel, to keep costs down.

“We think we’re going to get 20 more years out of this chassis with this propulsion system,” Mike Britt told F&F.

In addition to CTE, UPS is partnered with the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas. Long Island-based UES/Unique Electric Solutions is working on vehicle integration.

ACT Expo 2018 – the next Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo – has been scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2018 – again at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach

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