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Sheehy Mail CNG: Trillium, Hydrogen

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Trillium CNG Publicizes Omaha Fuel Supply Contract
As the Mail Carrier Evaluates Hydrogen on Its Trucks
And New 11.9-Liter Low NOx Cummins Westport Engine

Love’s Trillium CNG has disclosed a contract with Sheehy Mail Contractors for the supply of compressed natural gas from its station in Omaha. Separately, Sheehy is talking up the use of hydrogen with CNG to improve the efficiency of its natural gas trucks.

Sheehy Mail Contractors operates upwards of 100 trucks – the vast majority are fueled by CNG (which accounts for some 92% of the firm’s fuel purchases) and the remaining diesels are being phased out.

And, as Sheehy converts its entire fleet of 100-plus trucks to CNG, it is testing two pre-market super low-NOx 11.9-liter ISX12N engines from Cummins Westport.

“Partnering with fleets like Sheehy helps us make the most of our existing public-station network as well as identify the next wave of infrastructure needs for the market,” Trillium CNG managing director Bill Cashmareck said in a release last week.

Phasing Out Diesel

“Sheehy is a fantastic example of leadership in the alternative fuels sector,” he said. In addition to Omaha, the operator fuels at Trillium CNG outlets in Milwaukee and Indiana, as well as with other public-access suppliers, says Sheehy brand strategy director Nick Myers.

Cummins Westport’s 11.9-liter, super low-NOx ISX12N engine for 2018.

Sheehy began converting its fleet to CNG in 2013 and has since logged 35 million miles on the clear fuel. CNG now accounts for some 92% of Sheehy’s total fuel purchases.

The company is phasing out its four remaining diesel tractors, Myers says. All of its CNG trucks are Freightliner Cascadia vehicles, he told F&F, with CNG fuel systems from Agility.

‘Pre-Combustion’ Hydrogen

Sheehy is evaluating hydrogen injection from Houston-based Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. The addition of hydrogen to CNG fuel is “the catalyst to greater fuel savings,” says a July release.

“One of the issues with CNG is it typically gets 11% lower mileage than its diesel counterparts,” CEO John Sheehy says in the company’s hydrogen announcement. “Commercial Hydrogen has helped solve that problem.”

The Commercial Hydrogen system delivers “pre-combustion” hydrogen to the natural gas engine onboard the vehicle, which can continue to fuel normally at conventional CNG stations. The hydrogen is replenished at the Sheehy shop, says Myers.

Reduced Maintenance

“The addition of hydrogen,” Sheehy says, “allows the engine to run longer and more efficiently overall, without the residue and buildup of other fuels which burn much more inefficiently. The result is an engine that can run for a longer time without regular maintenance.”

Sheehy has thus far tested the Commercial Hydrogen installation on four trucks, says Myers, and is awaiting development of an updated version of the system.

Sheehy’s CNG fleet is all-Freightliner Cascadia, with CNG fuel systems by Agiity.

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Source: Sheehy Mail & Commercial Hydrogen with F&F follow-up

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