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US Hybrid FC Bus Arrives in Costa Rica

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‘A Crucial Integration Milestone on the Nation’s
First Hydrogen-Electric Transport Ecosystem Project’

A 40-foot Van Hool A330 bus outfitted for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell operation by US Hybrid in Connecticut has arrived in Costa Rica, where it will be demonstrated “along representative routes near the city of Liberia,” says project coordinator Ad Astra Rocket, of Webster, Texas.

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The Ad Astra bus with fuel cell and electric driveline from US Hybrid on a 35-foot Van Hool chassis, arrived at the port of Limón on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, on July 28.

The 25-passenger (seated) bus is expected to have a single-fill range of approximately 338 kilometers/210 miles, Ad Astra says.

Some 45 kilograms of compressed hydrogen is stored in eight 350-bar/5,000-psi Luxfer-Dynetek Type III carbon fiber-on-aluminum fuel cylinders, says US Hybrid president and CEO Abas Goodarzi.

The bus has a 120-kilowatt PC40 US Hybrid fuel cell, he says.

Right- and left-side views of Costa Rica’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus … images courtesy US Hybrid

“It is the first of its kind in Central America generating on-board electricity with a hydrogen fuel cell,” Ad Astra says.

Hydrogen fueling is being provided by Air Liquide (F&F, May 11).

‘All Team Members Have Contributed Their Own Resources’

The Hydrogen Ecosystem Project was initiated in 2012 jointly between Ad Astra and Costa Rica’s RECOPE, a government-owned petroleum refinery, and was subsequently transitioned to a PPP/public-private partnership with SBD, Costa Rica’s Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo – a public financial institution promoting Costa Rica development, Ad Astra reports.

“All team members have contributed their own resources to the project,” the company adds.

US Hybrid is also gearing up for a fuel cell buses demonstration in Hawaii, Goodarzi says.

“We have no plan to be a bus supplier,” he told F&F, “but would like to support the end-user with a cost-effective demonstration period, before they commit to a full commercial deployment.”

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Source: Ad Astra Rocket Company with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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