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Rethink Methane: Feb. in Sacramento

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Biomethane and Renewable Hydrogen
Can Directly Displace Today’s Fossil Fuels
And Give a Boost to Solar and Wind As Well

Registration is open for the third edition of Rethink Methane 2018, a conference dedicated to biomethane and renewable hydrogen as gaseous fuels that can displace fossil fuels either directly in natural gas vehicles or as the enabler for zero emission fuel cell vehicles.

Rethink Methane 2018 takes place February 6-7 at California’s Sacramento Convention Center.

And, as energy storage media, biomethane and renewable hydrogen can also “address the intermittency conundrum of wind and solar” as they provide a means to store and or transport surplus renewable power.

Rethink Methane 2018 takes place February 6-7 at California’s Sacramento Convention Center. It is organized by Fleets & Fuels publisher GNA – Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.


The symposium is expected to draw upwards of 350 representatives from California state government, including many of the legislative and administrative staff responsible for implementing California’s climate change, air quality, and energy diversity and conservation policies.

Rethink Methane presents renewable energy stakeholders – including equipment and technology providers – with the opportunity to educate policymakers about biomethane and renewable hydrogen. Participants will show how increased production and consumption of renewable gas provides a means to:

  • displace fossil gas by converting organic waste into low-carbon methane;
  • provide a pathway for job and economic growth for the state’s disadvantaged communities;
  • accelerate the achievement of much needed reductions in short lived climate pollutants;
  • replace diesel in the heavy-duty transportation sector with negative-carbon fuels;
  • illustrate workable strategies to mitigate the crisis in the state’s forests; and
  • promote feedstocks for renewable hydrogen.

Love’s Trillium CNG and Waste Management are among the many sponsors of Rethink Methane 2018.

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates also organizes and hosts

GNA Event Contacts

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