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Rolls Rejects Dual Fuel for Ships

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If you’re going gas, dedicated LNG spark-ignition engines are best, says Rolls-Royce. Want dual fuel? It’s best to add another engine. And rig it as a genset for an electric drive.

Dual-fuel disbeliever Rolls-Royce reported its first order for vessels based on its Environship concept this past autumn. Rolls is to design and provide integrated power and propulsion for the two LNG-fueled NVC 405 cargo vessels, which have been purchased by Norway’s Nor Lines AS, to be built at the Tsuji Heavy Industries shipyard in Jiangsu, China. They are to enter service from October 2013, operating along the West Coast of Norway.

Rolls-Royce Marine sees a big future in liquefied natural gas for ships, starting with smaller craft like tugs and ferries.

“We believe that single fuel is the right way for short-sea shipping,” Rolls-Royce Marine general sales manager for engines Odd Magne Horgen said in Houston. He described his firm’s work with ferries and more recently tugboats (F&F, January 16) in Norway.

Rolls-Royce reported a contract to deliver engines and azimuth propulsion systems for two liquefied natural gas-fueled tugboats, said to be the world’s first.

“Dual fuel engines are the choice, as we see it, when enough LNG cannot be carried to complete the voyage,” Horgen said. Other Rolls executives were on hand in Houston too, including merchant vessel systems marketing VP Geir Bjørkeli and North America marine sales VP Bruce Trent.

Rolls-Royce claims an inherent advantage over its competitors in that it designs fully integrated propulsion systems and even hulls, maximizing overall vessel efficiency while shifting to a fundamentally cleaner fuel.

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