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Argent Marine-Maersk for AT/B Flexibility

February 24, 2012 in LNG, Marine by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Flexibility is the key to a proposal by Argent Marine and Maersk to use separate propulsion and cargo units to handle LNG at ports. The modern “swap-and-drop” AT/Bs – articulated tug/barges – would be modular and scalable, with the cargo units set up for either bulk LNG or individual tanks suitable for transfer to road tractor trailers with no onshore tankage requirements.

Argent Marine's elegant plan is for a single power vessel, which may well be LNG-fueled, to be able to handle multiple LNG container vessels.

LNG cargo would “go in and out of existing infrastructure without disrupting it,” says Argent Marine vice chairman and operations president Jay Gottlieb. Delivered fuel would cost less than liquefied pipeline gas, he says.

Power units — which would be able to move any number of bulk or modular-tank cargo barges — could be LNG-powered too: ‘Why operate on a dirty fuel?’ Gottlieb asks.

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