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GFS Promotes Natural Gas in Mining

August 4, 2012 in HHP, LNG, Mining by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

A new website is part of the promotion as Florida’s GFS Corp has formally launched its Evo-MT products for converting large mine haul trucks from pure diesel to a blend of diesel and natural gas.

Florida-based GFS has revamped its website to promote its Evo-MT systems for converting large diesel-engine mine haul trucks to diesel-natural gas dual fuel operation — often referred to as bi-fuel in the large engine sector.

GFS systems using liquefied natural gas have powered large Caterpillar trucks operated by Alpha Natural Resources (Alpha Coal) in Harlan County, Ky. (F&F, November 8, 2010) and in northeast Wyoming (F&F, June 8).

The Evo-MT 7930 from GFS is for Cat 793-series vehicles like the ones in Wyoming, and the Evo-MT 7770 is for Cat 777 series trucks, as have been demonstrated in Kentucky.

GFS Corp’s Evo-MT 7770 for Caterpillar 777 series mine-haul trucks

Both “are designed to be installed without any major modifications to the chassis or drive engine of the truck,” GFS says, and both allow the trucks to operate on diesel in the event of a fault condition or low LNG fuel level.

“Truck haul capacity is maintained after the Evo-MT System is installed and engine power and torque output is maintained to OEM specifications,” GFS says.

“Our Evo-MT System is able to provide our customers with a ‘here and now’ solution that can be quickly and seamlessly adopted into their operations, making an immediate impact to the bottom line,” GFS president Jason Green says in the firm’s Evo-MT 7930 announcement.

“We developed the Evo-MT System in direct response to our mining customers who have long sought a practical LNG retrofit option for large mine haul trucks,” Green said, describing the product as a “smart, cost effective and sustainable natural gas solution.”

GFS promises additional products for Caterpillar vehicles, as well as for Komatsu mine haul truck models, this year. The firm is working on both mechanical and electric drive applications in the 100 to +300 ton size range.

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Source: GFS announcements and Fleets & Fuels reportage


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