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Rolls-Royce Marine Reports EPA Engine Nod

September 4, 2012 in HHP, LNG, Marine by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

C-Series Engines Are Already in European Service

Rolls-Royce Marine said Tuesday that the U.S. EPA has approved its dedicated-natural gas marine gas engine “designed to improve fuel efficiency, dramatically cut harmful methane emissions and meet strict international environmental standards set to take effect in 2016.”

Engine room of Norway’s MF Boknafjord with dedicated-natural gas C:26:33 by Rolls-Royce Marine

“This Certificate of Conformity by the EPA for our latest gas engine is good news for the U.S. marine industry because LNG as a vessel fuel is indisputably the best long-term solution for ship owners,” Rolls-Royce merchant president Neil Gilliver said in a release.

“Our innovative vessel designs and gas-based power and propulsion systems help ship owners reduce through life costs and improve operational efficiency, while dramatically reducing harmful emissions and meeting strident future international environmental regulations.”

The EPA Certificate of Conformity was issued for the Rolls-Royce C-engine range. The manufacturer notes that the engines are already in operation on car ferries and coastal ferries in Europe, and are being installed on the world’s first gas powered tugs to be used in operation for the major Norwegian oil company Statoil.

‘A Head Start in the U.S. Market’

Fjord1’s MF Boknafjord ferry is powered by three C:26:33 engines by Rolls-Royce Marine.

“The EPA approval gives us a head start in the U.S. market,” Gilliver said. ” Furthermore, this latest C26:33 engine, which is highly suitable for tugs, articulated tug barges, ferries, coastal vessels and offshore support vessels, has cut methane slip to very low levels.”

Rolls says that its marine gas engines “fulfill the requirements for operation in Emission Control Areas and the very strict International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III rules that come into force in 2016, and the forthcoming and even tougher Tier IV emissions limits.”

Separately, it was reported that Tsuji Heavy Industries has started building two new LNG-fueled, Rolls-Royce NVC 405 cargo ships for Norway’s Nor Lines in Jiangsu, China. They are to enter service from October 2013, operating along the West Coast of Norway. (F&F, January 29).

Each of the NVC 405 vessels has a single Rolls-Royce Marine Bergen B35:40 V12 natural gas engine.

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Source: Rolls-Royce Marine


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