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Westport Promotes a New LNG Tank

November 27, 2012 in Companies, LNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

New Product Can Handle Both Cold and Warm LNG Variants

Canada’s Westport Innovations (Toronto:WPT and NASDAQ:WPRT) is talking up a new liquefied natural gas fuel vessel. The “Westport LNG Tank System” features proprietary technology, is to be available in 120- and 150-gallon capacities in mid-2013, and “is optimized for spark ignited” (SI) engines, Westport says, for extended vehicle range.

Westport says that its new LNG tank system cam accommodate either cold (unsaturated) or warm (saturated) liquefied natural gas variants.

Like the LNG tank for the Westport HD system with high pressure direct ignition diesel-pilot engine, the new Westport LNG tanks are manufactured in China in league with BTIC, the Beijing Tianhai Industry Company. The new tanks will include an integrated cryogenic LNG pump with vaporizer in the tank shroud, but the pumps will function at far less pressure than is necessary for the HPDI system.

The new tanks will allow operators to use either warm (saturated) or cold (unsaturated) LNG fuel, Westport says.

“Current industry standard systems require two LNG tanks to operate effectively with larger SI engines and require warm (saturated) LNG,” states the Westport new tank announcement. “The Westport LNG Tank System is optimized for trucks running even the largest SI engines, reducing the overall fuel system costs and weight dramatically with the single-tank option.

“The 120 gallon or 150 gallon single-tank systems can run for approximately 350 to 450 miles, respectively, on cold (unsaturated) LNG fuel. Those ranges double for dual-tank configurations.”

“Our early production systems tested with the Cummins Westport ISX12 G in a Peterbilt 384 truck have proven to have excellent performance characteristics and superior operating results on a single tank,” Westport HD business development VP Steve Anderson said in a release.

“We believe this is the only on-board fuel system for LNG-fueled engines that can operate on a single tank using range-extending cold LNG.”

Operators will be able to “use the same cold LNG and technology across their fleet in a range of vehicle and engine sizes,” Anderson said.

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Source: Westport Innovations with Fleets & Fuels follow-up 

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