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More Portable LNG, from Galileo

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Seven Units to Fuel GE-Powered Ferry in South America,
Clean Fuel Connection to Detail New Offering at ACT Expo

Argentina’s Galileo, best known for its modular, self-contained Nanobox and Microbox compressed natural gas fueling units, has vaulted into liquefied natural gas with the Cryobox LNG, which can produce as much as 7,000 LNG gallons daily.

The 325-foot, LNG dual fuel Lopez Mena wavepiercer catamaran ferry

The 325-foot, LNG dual fuel Lopez Mena wavepiercer catamaran ferry

Galileo is represented in the U.S. by Southern California’s Clean Fuel Connection. Clean Fuel Connection will detail Galileo’s new LNG capability at next month’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Washington, D.C. ACT Expo 2013, which runs June 24-27, is organized by Fleets & Fuels publisher GNA – Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.

A cluster of seven Cryobox LNG brand liquefied natural gas units will be used to fuel the Lopez Mena ferry to be operated by Buquebus between Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The 325-foot “wavepiercer” catamaran, was built by Incat in Tasmania, Australia, and launched late last year. It is powered by jet engine-derived turbines from GE, and has LNG fuel tanks from Chart-Ferox.

Galileo Cryobox cross-section

Galileo Cryobox cross-section

‘Enjoy LNG Anywhere’

The Buenos Aires deployment of the so-called “nano” LNG stations will mark “the first time that a sea transportation company, such as Buquebus, becomes its own self-supplier of a fuel,” Galileo says. The liquid fuel will be trucked to the Buquebus wharf to fuel the high speed Lopez Mena.

“This is a huge step in a new era of eco-sustainable heavy duty transportation,” Galileo says.

Cryobox LNG makes LNG an affordable option for “private business companies,” the company says. “No CAPEX or technological barriers will keep you away from LNG … Plug it and enjoy LNG anywhere.”

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Source: Galileo and Clean Fuel Connection with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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