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New York State Lifts Longtime LNG Ban

January 30, 2015 in LNG, Regulations by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

State DEC Sets Storage Permitting Requirements

“New York’s environment will benefit,” says Albany’s Department of Environmental Conservation, as the agency has lifted a long-standing ban on liquefied natural gas, setting up a new permitting regime for facilities storing LNG. updated February 2

Clean Energy Fuels will be able to provide LNG to truckers in New York State.

Clean Energy Fuels will be able to provide LNG to truckers in New York State.

The new regulation allows permits to be granted to site, construct and operate new LNG facilities. “As a result,” says DEC, “LNG will be available to haulers as a cleaner burning alternative to diesel fuel.”

Regulation 6 NYCRR Part 570 under Article 23, Title 17 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law takes effect February 26.

‘Comprehensive Program’

“New York’s new regulations provide the most comprehensive program to safely site, build and operate LNG facilities in the country,” DEC commissioner Joe Martens said in a release. “By requiring an environmental and safety review for each new facility, New York’s environment and economy will benefit from safely providing liquefied natural gas vehicles opportunities.”

“New York can now join the nation’s other 49 states in having access to cleaner and less expensive LNG for transportation,” says Chad Lindholm, VP with Clean Energy Fuels.

LNG Facilities in New York City? No

“Businesses, the environment and ultimately the people of New York are the true beneficiaries of this significant decision,” he said in a company email to F&F.

DEC expects that for the first five years, nearly all of the expected permit applications will be for facilities designed to supply fuel for long-haul tractor trailers and large capacity fleet trucks.

“The LNG regulations will apply statewide except where new facilities are prohibited by law (currently in New York City)” the agency says. “They provide opportunities for small businesses and local governments to construct and operate LNG facilities.

“The result will be to allow LNG to be stored and used across New York State (the State) at a time when economic conditions are creating significant demand for this alternative fuel.”

“There will not be LNG in any of the five boroughs,” says Barry Carr of Clean Communities of Central New York, the Clean Cities office in Syracuse.

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Source: New York State DEC with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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