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Exxon with Eagle and Crowley for LNG

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Pact ‘Will Support Growth,’ Exxon Says,
‘For LNG as a Marine Fuel in North America’
Crowley Shares Glimpse of Developmental LNG ATB

ExxonMobil, Eagle LNG and Crowley have signed a liquefied natural gas collaboration, Exxon said Wednesday, pledging to “support growth for LNG as a marine fuel in North America.” updated June 29

An ATB for El Coquí? Crowley posted this image with the ExxonMobil-Eagle collaboration announcement, and has shared some of the details of the developmental Jensen Maritime-design vessel with F&F.

Crowley is getting set to deploy two LNG-fueled container ships connecting Jacksonville, Fla. and San Juan, Puerto, Rico (F&F, March 23), while Eagle is establishing the LNG infrastructure in and around Jacksonville to fuel them.

“We have led the industry in integrating LNG activities from production and liquefaction, to shipping, regasification and sales,” Exxon says.

‘Safe, Reliable LNG Delivery for Vessel Operators’

The goal of the new partnership “is to establish the storage and technical support necessary to provide safe, reliable LNG delivery for vessel operators bunkering in North America. 
The three companies.”

Pursuant to an MoU signed yesterday, “the parties will initially focus their efforts in Florida before expanding to other North American markets,” states a release:

  • ExxonMobil will provide its technical support and expertise to help the parties carry out safe bunkering operations and sell LNG bunker fuel to vessel operators.
  • Eagle LNG Partners will supply the LNG and will design, build and operate small-scale production and storage facilities as well as coordinate land-based LNG transportation.
  • Crowley will provide bunker logistics and ensure safe and reliable operations.”

“The memorandum of understanding is another major step forward in developing LNG as a marine fuel,” ExxonMobil LNG venture manager Luca Volta says in today’s announcement.

“It will leverage the specialist knowledge and expertise of ExxonMobil, Eagle LNG Partners and Crowley to the benefit of vessel operators bunkering in North America,” he said, promising “additional opportunities for vessel operators looking to adopt LNG as a marine fuel.”

Crowley Is Ready for More

“Under this week’s agreement,” a Crowley spokesman told F&F today, “Crowley would build and operate a marine bunkering asset – such as the one pictured on the release our website – to provide the safe and reliable supply of LNG.

“Crowley will leverage its diverse capabilities of marine operations, product transportation, naval architecture and design, including Jensen’s expertise, and LNG distribution.”

Crowley confirmed that its Jensen Maritime unit has been working on an ATB/articulated tug-barge vessel for LNG transport (see image above). The current design, for which the company has ABS approval-in-principal, is for 452-foot/138-meter (with tug) vessel with LNG capacity of 4,000 cubic meters – more than one million gallons.

El Coquí, the first of two LNG-diesel dual fuel ships for Crowley Maritime was launched this past March (F&F, March 23).

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Source: ExxonMobil with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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