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Gaz Métro LNG at the Port of Montreal

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Groupe Desgagnés Vessels Spur Availability
Of Gaz Métro Fuel via Montreal Port Authority

The Gaz Métro utility and the Montreal Port Authority are making liquefied natural gas available as a marine fuel. Gaz Métro will deliver LNG using shore-to-ship equipment at multiple Port of Montreal shoreside locations.

The 443-foot, LNG-diesel dual fuel Damia Desgagnés

The availability was prompted by the impending entry into service of Damia Desgagnés, the first of four LNG-fueled asphalt tankers to be operated by Groupe Desgagnés (HHP Insight, July 20, 2016).

“Groupe Desgagnés, Gaz Métro and the Port of Montreal joined efforts in developing an LNG supply system,” states a release.

‘No Fixed Infrastructure’

“There’s no fixed infrastructure,” says Gaz Métro LNG market developer director Guillaume Brossard. “Our operations are movable.”

Gaz Métro and the Port of Montreal will fuel Groupe Desgagnés and future LNG vessels shore-to-ship using LNG tractor trailers.

“We have a fleet of eight trailers,” he told F&F. Several docks at the port are available for LNG bunkering, affording “flexibility for us,” while a manifold system allows fuel from as many as four LNG trailers to be transferred to a ship at the same time.

Wärtsilä Power and LNG Fuel System

“Gaz Métro and the Port of Montreal hope that the availability of LNG supply solutions will be a first step in encouraging shipowners to follow the lead taken by Groupe Desgagnés and, in turn, move toward this efficient, cost-effective and clean option,” the utility announcement concludes.

The 443-foot (135-meter) Damia Desgagnéś, and the three LNG-fueled vessels to follow, is powered by a Wärtsilä 5RT-flex 50DF 
engine. The ship has a Wärtsilä LNGPac fuel system, with two LNG tanks supplied by Italy’s G&H.

They have combined capacity of 625 cubic meters of LNG fuel, approximately 165,000 gallons.

Gaz Métro said in April that new LNG production from its liquefaction plant in Montreal is available via Gaz Métro GNL, a subsidiary of the utility and Investissement Québec.

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Source: Gaz Métro & Montreal Port with F&F follow-up

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