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Chart-GFW Fueler for LNG Quarry Trucks

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Vehicle Developed with Ground Force Worldwide
Can Handle LNG and Diesel: As Such Is a First-Ever

Chart Industries and Idaho-based Ground Force Worldwide are talking up a new fuel delivery vehicle capable of providing operators with both liquefied natural gas and diesel fuel. The truck marks GFW’s first venture into LNG fueling.

The Kenworth T800 fitted with an Orca unit from Chart is the first such vehicle able dispense both LNG and diesel fuel. It is being used to support dual-fuel Caterpillar 785 mine trucks at a quarry in Florida.

The vehicle “was designed and built for a large rock quarry customer in Florida,” states a a Chart release. “The customer is using the vehicle as a fueling solution for their recently converted fleet of haul trucks, which were retro-fitted with LNG conversions.”

The Caterpillar 785 haul trucks have Evo-MT brand LNG-diesel dual fuel systems from Florida’s GFS Corp.

A Kenworth with an Orca

The dual-fueler truck is a Kenworth T800 fitted with Chart’s Orca LNG “microbulk” LNG delivery equipment, which Chart notes has been available for 21 years. The “the latest incarnation” on the truck with GFW “bears testament to its longevity and durability,” Chart says.

“With the mining sector showing increased interest in LNG and the major rigid truck OEMs developing LNG and LNG/diesel hybrid haulers, there’s certainly scope for this valuable partnership to flourish,” states the release.

Far Faster Fueling

“The partners,” Chart says, “have been able to gather information from the field with the quarry reportedly impressed with the unit’s build quality and an ability to fuel 50% faster than with its previous system.”

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Source: Chart Industries with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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