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HHP: Harvey & Shell for LNG Cruise Ships

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New Bunker Barge Operated by Quality LNG Transport
For Shell Marine Customers in Florida & the Caribbean,
4,000-Cubic Meter ATB to Be Built by VT Halter Marine

Shell plans to support liquefied natural gas-fueled cruise ships on Florida’s Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean with a new bunker vessel to be built by Quality Liquefied Natural Gas Transport, LLC. Q-LNG is owned 70% by Harvey Gulf International Marine CEO Shane Guidry and 30% by Harvey Gulf International Marine. updated November 8

Harvey Gulf last year secured AiP/approval in principle from ABS, the American Bureau of Shipping, as well as U.S. Coast Guard design base approval, for its new 324-foot ATB/articulated tug barge vessel for bunkering LNG. The LNG-Q/Quality Liquefied Natural Gas Transport vessel will have an LNG cargo capacity of 4,000 cubic meters – more than a million gallons of fuel for Shell customers.

Q-LNG is announcing today “a long-term contract with Shell to deliver LNG as a marine fuel source to various ports in Florida and the Caribbean.”

“As the first of its kind to be based in the United States, the ocean-going LNG bunker barge will supply LNG to marine customers along the southern East Coast of the U.S. and support growing cruise line demand for LNG marine fuel,” Shell said in its own release today.

Shell disclosed a contract to fuel Carnival’s two new LNG-fueled this to be based in North America on Wednesday, November 8. They are to launch in 2020 and 2022.

Harvey Gulf & Shell: LNG History

Harvey Gulf already operates a fleet of LNG-diesel dual fuel OSV/offshore supply vessels for Shell in the Gulf of Mexico (F&F, June 6, 2017).

The new LNG bunker vessel will be an ATB/articulated tug barge following a design for which Harvey Gulf design last year secured AiP/approval in principle from ABS, the American Bureau of Shipping – as well as U.S. Coast Guard design base approval.

Another view of the Q-LNG bunker barge with articulated tug. The pioneering vessel is to be built by VT Halter Marine.

The Q-LNG barge will be 324 feet long, and able to transport nearly 4,000 cubic meters of LNG – more than a million gallons of fuel for Shell customers.

A Big Role for Wärtsilä

“With its pioneering design and delivery capabilities, the LNG bunker barge will be highly efficient and maneuverable and feature an innovative transfer system enabling it to load LNG from big or small terminals and bunker a variety of customers,” says Shell.

“The project will rely heavily on the collaboration between VT Halter and Wärtsilä,” says LNG-Q. Wärtsilä will be responsible for cargo handling, cargo control, and cargo containment systems as well as the PMS/planned maintenance system and onboard automation.

The Q-LNG ATB vessel’s conventionally powered tug and 4,000-cubic-meter LNG bunker barge

Wärtsilä 34DF engines power the LNG-fueled Harvey Gulf OSVs now in service with Shell. The Harvey Gulf bunkering facility at Port Fourchon, La. features Wärtsilä equipment too.

Shell Already Provides LNG Bunkers in Europe

Shell previously reported contracts to furnish LNG for Aida cruise ships operated by Carnival in Europe. Disney has also announced plans for LNG ships.

There is already a large LNG bunker vessel in place for Shell in Europe, and a second, smaller vessel has been ordered (F&F, August 18).

“Everyone is aware the eastern ports of Florida are very busy with pleasure-craft, and Q-LNG will be focused and dedicated to deliver extremely safe transit to all the ports we will service,” Q-LNG and Harvey Gulf chief Guidry said in his new company’s release.


“While the downturn in the oil and gas market has hurt all vessel operators, our continued partnership with Shell displays the confidence entrusted in our team, which is extremely appreciated and very rewarding,” he said.

“We will not let Shell or the end users down in any way.”

“This investment in LNG as a marine fuel for the U.S. will provide the shipping industry with a fuel that helps meet tougher emissions regulations from 2020,” Shell integrated gas and new energies director Maarten Wetselaar said in his company’s announcement.

Shell’s 6,500-cubic-meter LNG bunker vessel Cardissa in Rotterdam (F&F, August 18).

“Our commitment in the Americas builds on Shell’s existing LNG bunkering activities in Singapore and Europe, as well as recently announced plans in the Middle East and gives us the ability to deliver LNG as a marine fuel to customers around the world,” Wetselaar said.

Shell’s marine LNG commitment as evidenced by the Q-LNG barge will be a major topic of discussion at the Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit, the sixth annual edition of which is now underway, and running through November 9 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Fla.

The HHP Summit series is organized and hosted by Fleets & Fuels publisher GNA – Santa Monica, Calif.-based Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.

Full Roster of GNA Contacts for HHP Summit 2017

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Source: Q-LNG Transport & Shell with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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