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Xebec Trumpets Asia CNG Fueling Contracts

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Canada’s Xebec Adsorption (Toronto:XBC), which supplies dryers and other upgrading equipment for NGV fueling, says it made “significant commercial progress in the natural gas infrastructure market in Central and South East Asia during the fourth quarter of 2011.”

Xebec’s DTRNGX regenerable twin tower natural gas dryer

Xebec’s DTRNGX regenerable twin tower natural gas dryer

Xebec reports first orders from three new customers valued at $540,000 (Canadian, equal to approximately $530,000 U.S.) for its NGX line of dryers for compressed natural gas vehicle fueling stations in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Thailand.

“Countries in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have significant natural gas reserves, and governments in these countries have begun to construct CNG infrastructure to promote the use of CNG as a transportation fuel,” Xebec Asia Pacific operations VP Andrew Hall said in a release.

“Xebec’s gas dryers are a key component,” Hall said, “as gas supplies in Central Asia can have a high moisture content.”

“We are also extremely pleased to supply dryers to PTT for use in CNG stations in the north of Thailand,” Hall said. “Thailand is an extremely important market for CNG infrastructure, with over 400 CNG stations serving a fleet of over 260,000 natural gas vehicles. We hope to have further success in this market as Thailand has plans to construct additional CNG stations and make CNG available in rural areas not currently served by the existing natural gas grid.” natural gas vehicles homepage for Thailand's PTT

natural gas vehicles homepage for Thailand’s PTT

Xebec offers a comprehensive range of rugged, skid mounted, single and dual tower regenerable natural gas dryers under its NGX brand. They are closed-loop dryers, with automatic or operator initiated heat-reactivated regeneration, with variable cycles for dryer regeneration control and shutdown.

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