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Don’t Forget NGVs! Says Energy Futures

February 19, 2012 in NGVs by rich  |  No Comments

The federal government sees hybrid electric vehicles as a bridge technology to zero emission pure battery and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles – but it should include natural gas vehicles in that category too.

That’s the view of Colorado’s Energy Futures and also of VNG, a new firm in New Jersey that’s helping establish the fueling infrastructure for NGVs.

Honda has maintained for years that cars like its dedicated natural gas Civic (left) will lead to cars like its hydrogen fuel cell electric FCX Clarity (right).

VNG has included a recent Energy Futures white paper titled Natural Gas: An Essential Bridge to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, in its comments on the proposed EPA-NHTSA regulations.

‘Critical Breakdown’

The Energy Futures paper commends the U.S. EPA and the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for proposing tighter vehicle mileage standards to address global climate change and to reduce oil consumption in the U.S. transportation sector. But, “There is a failure in the advanced technology provisions of the proposed standards to recognize the need to encourage transitional pathways for FCEVs through support for NGVs, as they do for PHEVs as a pathway to EVs.”

“This is a critical breakdown,” the paper states. Noting “technology and infrastructure synergies between NGVs and hydrogen FCEVs,” and the fact that “NGV stations are ideal locations for hydrogen production and dispensing,” the report states that “encouraging natural gas vehicle fuel and NGVs are the necessary and best ways to promote the most rapid and cost effective advent of hydrogen and FCEVs in the U.S.”

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