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NGV Stats Show ‘Irrepressible Growth’

July 5, 2012 in NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

More Than 15 Million Natural Gas Vehicles at Close of 2011

“The growth of natural gas vehicle numbers globally remains irrepressible,” says NGV Global News, which has just reported a best estimate of 15,192,401 NGVs at the end of 2011.

NGV Global’s best estimate is one million natural gas vehicles in China — but there may well be more.

As reported by NGV Global News:

The top ten countries by NGV population as at the end of 2011 stay the same but in different order. Iran now heads the list with 2.859 million on the road, slightly ahead of Pakistan at 2.85 million. China has moved from 7th (end-2010) to 6th, with 1 million vehicles. This figure has been verified but is likely to be conservative.

The most recent best-estimate figures from NGV Global, as of July 2012

Altogether, NGV Global’s data sums to more than 15 million natural gas vehicles recorded across 84 countries at the end of 2011, rising from the end 2010 figure of 12,674,402. That represents growth of 33% over 2010 and 22.9% average annual growth over the past decade.

Additionally, the number of natural gas filling stations has increased from the end 2010 figure of 18,202 to 19,941, growing 20.8%.


Despite severe economic turmoil around the world over recent years, the NGV count continues its exponential growth, almost in line with NGV Global’s projections of 2006. In fact, actual sales through 2011 exceeded those projections – 2.576 million actual vs 2.495 million projected – more than doubling 2010 sales. Continued strong growth in Asia and the opening up of the North American market with domestic production of NGVs now occurring will likely see that growth projection remain true.

The statistical data has been obtained from a variety of sources and should be taken as approximate only.

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