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APG Targets the IUL Engine Sector

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Valley Trucking Engines for University of Houston Testing

Iowa’s American Power Group is seeking U.S. EPA approvals of its V5000 duel fuel upgrades of intermediate useful life heavy-duty engines. APG has signed agreements with Valley Truck Parts of Grand Rapids, Mich. and with UH-TDTRC, the University of Houston’s Texas Diesel Testing and Research Center, to secure engines and test them.

American Power Group is looking for U.S. EPA approval of its dual fuel diesel-natural gas kits for intermediate useful life engines –€“ at least two years old but with less than 435,000 miles –€“ including this Volvo D13 (shown new here).

An IUL engine is at least two years old but with less than 435,000 miles, APG says.

APG says it will conduct the required testing utilizing UH-TDTRC’s test facility and heavy-duty engine dynamometer – upgraded for natural gas assessments – as part of a twelve-month agreement. The organizations hope to begin actual testing next month “and expect to test nine to fifteen engine families during the initial term of the agreement with a goal of securing the first EPA IUL approval before the end of the calendar year.”

“Testing will be performed in accordance with the Intermediate Age requirements of the EPA Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Engine Conversion Final Rule as amended in April 2011 which requires engines to be tested outside of the vehicle on an engine dynamometer,” APG says.

University of Houston engine testing

Valley Truck, an APG dealer and installer, will be responsible for securing and delivering the targeted IUL engines to UH-TDTRC for testing.

Initial focus will be on Volvo D13 and Cummins ISX engines, APG VP Mike Schiltz told F&F.

“The IUL addressed market is comprised of heavy-duty trucks with engines two model years old or older and less than 435,000 miles,” APG CEO Lyle Jensen said in a detailed release. “Based on market data from Power Systems Research, we believe there are more than 400,000 trucks in the 2007 to 2010 model year age category that would be IUL conversion opportunities.

“We are currently talking with fleet owners who represent more than 60,000 trucks or approximately 15% of our estimated IUL available market and expect this number to increase given the proven economic and environmental benefits of our dual fuel solution,” Jensen said.

APG is also targeting the higher-mileage Outside Useful Life category, with an addressed market “estimated to exceed an additional 500,000 candidate vehicles.” APG claims 59 OUL EPA engine family approvals “with more on the way.”

APG’s V5000 aftermarket upgrade is a “game-changing technology” in the natural gas vehicle market, Jensen says, “because it allows fleet owners to economically upgrade existing fleets to run on our natural gas dual fuel technology without compromising the power and torque of a diesel engine.

Diesel Displacement as High as 80%

“Corporate fleets can install the APG system on their IUL vehicles and when they reach their fleet life cycle, the V5000 system can be transferred to another approved engine family. We anticipate heavy adoption of our aftermarket technology in the years to come as the CNG and LNG fill-station infrastructure continues to develop,” Jensen said.

The APG system involves controlled injection of natural gas via an engine’s air intake, and as such is described as a “non-invasive energy enhancement system.” Diesel displacement averages 40% to 65%, but can be as high as 80%, the company says, with “a proprietary read-only electronic controller system ensuring the engines operate at original equipment manufacturers’ specified temperatures and pressures,” with “the flexibility to return to 100% diesel fuel operation at any time.”

Separately, APG’s parent holding company has changed its name to American Power Group Corporation, with the new stock symbol OTCQB:APGI, effective August 7. The GreenMan Technologies handle is history.

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Source: APG announcement with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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