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Kenworth Shows Dual LNG Tanks on T800

August 24, 2012 in LNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Addition Boosts Tractor Capacity to 120 DGEs, 700 Miles

Kenworth Truck is offering an extra 60 diesel gallon equivalent LNG fuel tank on (minimum 220-inch wheelbase) T800 tractors with the 15-liter Westport GX engine from Westport Innovations.

Kenworth is offering an extra 60-diesel gallon equivalent LNG fuel tank on T800 tractors with the 15-liter Westport GX engine, boosting single-fill range to 700 miles.

“By equipping a Kenworth T800 with dual LNG fuel tanks, operators now have the option of running the truck up to 700 miles on a single fueling,” Kenworth vocational marketing manager Alan Fennimore said in a release at the Great American Trucking Show, which kicked off Thursday in Dallas.

“This option doubles the operating range of a typical LNG-powered Kenworth T800 equipped with a single LNG tank, making the truck a better choice for long haulers with slip-seat or drop-and-hook operations and for regional haulers whose drivers travel long distances, but still return home at the end of their shifts,” Fennimore said.

The dual LNG tank configuration is available on the Kenworth T800 with day cab or Kenworth Extended Day Cab.

“By providing a dual LNG tank configuration, Kenworth is helping truck operators take full advantage of plans by major fuel providers to install a larger network of natural gas fueling stations across the United States,” Fennimore said.

The Westport GX engine is part of the Westport HD package on the LNG-fueled T800 truck, including the cryogenic fuel tanks and the other gear necessary to deliver natural gas to the high pressure direct injection sparkles engine, which employs a small amount of “pilot” diesel. The LNG tanks are manufactured in China by BTIC Westport, a joint venture of Westport Innovations (NASDAQ:WPRT) and Beijing Tianhai Industry Company.

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